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dhaka questions... please answer
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Sat Dec 02 2006, 12:36pm Print
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Dear architects and architecture student,
for my final thesis I need your answers and views of the city! Plaese download the question paper and sent it back to me! Donyobat! urs Mareike
PS. my mail: stupida_m©
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Sat Dec 02 2006, 06:08pm
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: virtual architecture ..!
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I have knocked all the members who are from Dhaka in archsociety through email to download your questioner and answerer you back either via emailing you or posting here as reply.
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Tue Dec 05 2006, 05:12pm
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: Dhaka
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im sorry. infact i dint see it. forgive mate. ill ans you.

keep this dhk thing heavy, im interested.
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Tue Dec 05 2006, 05:16pm
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: Dhaka
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and moreover. let me hav some time, as im having my final project due. next week, and your questions need a bit time to undergo. so dont mind.
n are you researching in dhk? or from abroad? if in dhk im interested in help nay kind u need afterwards! let me knw.

im at sthopoti.eee©
knck me if needed.
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Fri Dec 22 2006, 08:36pm
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helllloooo? Of cause I can answer the most questions by myself .. but I am really interesting in your views of YOUR city.. so even when you are student or just interesting, it would be great to have your answer... thanks alot
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Fri Dec 22 2006, 10:20pm
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: Dhaka
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I tried to answere in brief. Marieke, your each question is so important or long to answere that each one could be a new topic in archsociety!! However, here is what I tryied to answere your questions:
1) What do you know about Slums in Dhaka?
a.If yes, please try to give the names of the ones that come to your mind first.

Begunbari Bustee
b.Which one do you think is the most famous one?
c.Which one is the most problematic one?
Don’t know. May be Hajaribagh Slum

2) There are a lot of names for slums like bustees. Are there other special names for these settlements that come to your mind?

3)Is there a such a settlement or neighbourhood which you know well or that you pass regularly?
Please tell us the name and the location (north, west, south, east )

Mohammadpur Bustee (located at north-west side of Dhaka)

4) Do you know any people who live in slums/ squatter settlements ( even maids or servants)?
If yes, please give the general name of this settlement.

My servant lives in Mohammadpur Bustee
a.(If you like to tell and if it is convenient for you to tell, we would like to know since when and why and from where they moved to this place.)
People who don’t have landed property for farming in rural areas, come to Dhaka for taking the easy to get jobs like being a servant, rickshaw puller etc, this is the main reason. Firstly their poverty secondly job opportunity of the city.

5)What is the general opinion about living in a slum? What you associate with it?
It’s definitely a failure of the Government

6) Can you please name some positive aspects of slums? (social, spatial, architectural)
- Social: getting informal service people becomes easier and chipper in the city
- Spatial: nop
-Architectural: they are showing us innovative low cost solutions within very smaller spaces!

7)Can you please name some negative aspects of slums?
-City becomes over crowded, crimes increase,. In deed ‘existence of slums’ is negative
-Creates unhealthy unhygienic environment

8) What do you think are the main problems, the inhabitants have to face while living in an slum. (it can be problems in space, social, economic problems)
Improper sanitation, over congestion, extreme poor civic facilities

9) Do you think there is informality that can be found in the old city? ( e.g. subdivision of houses)

What do you think about the old city himself? What does it mean to you?

Old city is ‘intimate’ this only word expresses everything

10)Do you think there is informality that can be found in the central city / formalized parts? ( e.g. addition of storeys)

Community we-feelings come up from a more institutional arena, like clubs, inhabitants cooperative societies, campuses, cultural groups etc. not very much from neighbourhood.

11) What are the informal elements of the high class areas? How you would describe the difference between this both levels13 of informality( slums and high class informal areas)?
The question is not very clear to me… anyway…
Money makes the differences. In slum areas the informal elements are more ‘true’ and ‘honest’ than high class area. Informal elements and activities in high class areas are often imposing against our cultural ethics, often those are often mere imitation of western world.. and the informal elements of high class area are more formal than the informal elements of slums!

12)What kind of level you can find in the informal developments in the city?
How you would characterize them?

Illegal land division.
Buildings without permission:
Addition of more stories:
Ignorance of planning:

I Couldn’t understand the question properly.

13) What do you think about the planning situation?
We have highly skilled and experienced planners and architects in this very city. But things are not happening smoothly as it should be just because of the lack of political will, and wrong or corrupted political will. It’s very common phenomenon that our DIT planners suggested some good things for the city… may be it’s a physical planning or design or a policy level decision it will not see the light of implementation if it is not profitable or spectacular to the political party or the politicians. Often planning is going well… but the implementation of that policy or planning is getting tough.

14) Would you say that there is an active planning? What are the aims of this planning? In what kind of topics planning would help to solve the situation of the city?
Specially the road network, traffic pattern and the rules or codes for building construction. Saving water bodies, planning for water traffic network etc.

15) How many percent of the city are formal?
10% (I’m not very sure, Architect Zia could say better! He taught us this in ‘Human Settlement’ course!)
Which areas you would describe as formal?
Employee’s housing by the government
Some questions about Architecture:

11) What is your opinion about the current architecture in the slums?
a. quality, style, material…
b. (maybe you can give an example if possible)

12) Are there Outsiders, Workers, Engineers involved in the construction?
In the slums? Not at all. Although sometimes few bamboo and ‘chaatai’ experts work for making structures.
13) What should do you think is possible to improve?
Existence of slums is a problem. So we should think of the solution of a city without a slum at all. And this is possible only by decentralization of everything from Dhaka towards the entire Bangladesh.

14) What is the architecture impact of informal architecture by developers?
When architecture is coming out of just the intension of making profit, then it becomes a mere business not remains an art anymore.

14)What do you think is the reason for the existence of slums?
Overall poverty of the country and mass people’s fascination towards ‘living in the central’.

15) What should be done with this situation of growing slum areas?

a. Destroy?
b. Upgrade?
c. Legalize?
d. Relocate to another place?

d. Relocate to another place (which seems near to impossible though!)

16) Who should be involved in a strategy?
Architects, Planners, Social Activists, Pro-active Politicians.

17) Do you know about a positive example?
Low cost housing technologies, decentralization policies, development in agricultural technologies, and these things may upgrade or remove slums from the city.

18) What do you think is the future of the city?
Human being and the nature never accept anything which grows toward ‘extreme’. If no one intentionally does anything for the crisis.. even then the crisis will be automatically solved naturally, because that is the necessity of the nature.
Anyway… Dhaka is expanding. Uttora, Bosundhora, Purbachal (still under planning) are the good example of the expansions. So the boundary is being redefined day by day… I think this will help to make a better city in future.
In this way of expansion new road networks, MRT etc. will also come up.
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Mon Dec 25 2006, 06:05pm
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were there any one interested to answer ?
i have came across many a thread where people were worried about the vision of this society. the benefit, or the cause of this forum. i think we are puting unnecessery pressure buy try to finding the vision rather we work on it.
answering this very thread makes you real elite society member, those who serve better interest of the archsociety.
please come up people, spare soem of your moments to reply, those who ask fro it.

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