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Tue Jun 15 2010, 04:58pm Print
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I recently completed my B.Arch and now i intend to study further. I would like to know the scope of degree "Msc in Architecture and Built environment" ? I am also interested in studying interior design. Is "Diploma in Interior design" of any worth after B.Architecture degree ? Earning master degree right after graduation is more beneficial or it is always better to gain some practical experience ?? Beside these questions, i want to know the best university/Country for higher education in Arcitecture?

Please do answers and provide me with guidance. My mind is full of queries and i am very confused!..

Awaiting for response..
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Wed Jun 16 2010, 11:28pm
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doing diploma in interior design will be not a good decision at all. you should do practical works in a firm for 1 year then go abroad for masters. in practical works you will feel that how design really works. in your undergrad course (bangladesh) you had to put lots of time to make good models and good quality drawings more than the design ideas/thinkings etc. now you will work in work divisions that will help you to think more about the design.

USA will be good for MA. but to get VISA it will be very hard for USA. and i think expensive also (not sure). I heard Germany is also good but you have to learn German languages. The best and easy way is UK. you will get VISA easily. The tuition fees is 9 thousand pound. living expenses is around 5 thousand pound. If you want to know more details about studying UK then you can mail me: himelĀ© ( himel at Edited Wed Jun 16 2010, 11:29pm
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Thu Jun 24 2010, 06:47am
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Congratulations on your getting the sought after B.Arch! Well I was wondering what does exactly the university will teach/train you in the "Msc in Architecture and Built environment"? If you think it goes with your interest only then proceed to get an admission. Before approaching any course learn all the details about their course outline.

My suggestion is be honest to yourself about finding higher studies. Don't select course or university or country just by their name fame and glamor. Rather you should blindly prioritize what you truly love to learn, what you truly want to become.
Your admission, scholarship and may be the visa everything will be alright if you do what you really interested about and what will help our country after you come back. Because in that case whatever letter, essay you write for the application process those will be honest and passion driven talks, be sure no one can bit that and from admission to scholarship everyone will understand that you are passionate about what you are going peruse and you are telling them the truth. And they'll accept it.

So take some time to think and talk with yourself. Find out what do you really interested about and look for relevant courses. Stay focused while you search.

And feel free to shoot your queries and confusions here. Someone in the forum might have a good answer to your questions stay tuned.
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