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Tall apartment Building (first phase)
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Sat Sep 10 2011, 08:46am Print
Client agree with me, he said ok you can go with as per rajuk rull.
I am very happy with that and I did the following design. It is my careers big apartment ever been I deed.

Project detail:

-Land size 15 katha
-total floor area designed 70,000 sft
-60 apartments
-6 apt. each floor
-11 storied

* this image represents the front (south) view. Edited Mon Oct 10 2011, 08:15am
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Sun Sep 11 2011, 03:34pm
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It's great that you posted the project here.
However I guess the image you tried to post did not show up!
Would you please try using the 'attachment' option to upload your image with a new reply again?
I'd love to see the image!
Thanks. Edited Sun Sep 11 2011, 03:35pm
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Sun Jul 18 2021, 12:21pm
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Building a new home can be an exciting process! You shared some interesting points when it comes to home design and choices. As a new construction home Realtor, I can say that design and builder options are very important. Adding to the conversation, I’ll share an article we give to clients-

Kurt Grosse
Realtor - Former NV Building Engineer (PE, CE)
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Thu Aug 05 2021, 12:43pm
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