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Tonni Islam
Tue Jun 05 2012, 07:37pm
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The last time I tried to go they wouldn't let me anywhere near inside. =(
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Wed Jun 06 2012, 03:20pm
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: Dhaka
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You have to apply at least a week ahead to get in. You may do it online I guess. There is a website of the Parliament Secretariat's visit section , you may be able to apply from there (if you carry a foreign passport). If the online thing does not work you may call me when you are here in Dhaka, I can arrange it for you (or I can tell you how to do it/ where to submit the application/ whom to call).

If you follow this process there will be a security escort and a guide for you to show you in and around of the parliament building for free.

Visiting this building makes a big difference. You will immediately realize how lame many of the works of so called starchitects and you might get a bitter feeling about yourself 'what the hell I've done so far!' and also a feeling like 'Louis Kahn was not a human being. and I'd kill him for making me feel like a termite next to his work'.

it is soooo necessary to be there
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Wed Jun 06 2012, 05:59pm
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: Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Neo, I wanted to go visit the parliament building.
bragging for a long time.
never got the opportunity
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