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Wed Feb 07 2007, 06:07am
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: Dhaka
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Hey... your thesis is over. Congrats, now you are an architect.
We are expecting some photos/ drawings / etc. of your project here....
Oh and want to listen the jury, presentation and the last fight history....
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Wed Feb 07 2007, 09:19pm
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: Dhaka
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im having some wierd wierd days now.being architect should have been wonderful, i wished so.
but i dont know, i dint get any transition, i just hopped in i guess.

thesis was nice, as ive told you earlier that, my thesis was something of very 'zoom-out' urban was concentrated on visions and confluences of communities, its space generations, its revitalizations. of a small narinda area.

jury was not that huge profile/ jalal,inhouse faculty, inan, ehsan,sayeed,jamilur reza chy,two local architects practicing in US bla bla were it was 2days after eid/

and ...both i am.

ill talk about it later.and surely interested in sharing some drwngs here. to get critics.
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