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help: preservation in rural areas with vernacular architecture
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Sun Feb 18 2007, 02:03pm Print
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so now i need to first come up with detailed ideas and a zoning presentation for the balaban place i posted in the vernacular housing thread
later this semester i will be working on several 1/1000 urban design layouts, not very detailed, at a mass scale
i need to know examples of solutions for such settlements, for example, nirghum mentioned 'borind' in that thread. are there any special borind that you feel the need to preserve, how do you do that while sustaining daily life there, how do you solve in town circulation, how much do you let vehicles in?
what kind of urban design interventions do you make without damaging the vernacular look? I will probably design the town square and the streets around it for that one, how can i make it work better without demolishing or adding any buildings?
please post examples from rural places
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Mon Feb 19 2007, 06:50pm
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I think the building should be left as they are being built by them. Just some technical improvement may be introduced to improve make them more log lasting and strong. By using some timber structural elements the mud structures may be improved to multistoried dwellings.

Streets should be inter-winded, may be curvilinear obviously not in so-called grid-ironed pattern. This decision may come up after analyzing their existing pattern of streets. Balaban village seems to have some arbitrary arrangements of buildings, keeping this pattern within a planned street diagram may help to retain the vernacular character of the area.

Vehicle access should be limited to some important and central streets. Some special features of the inhabitants culture may also be noticed, like, their religious and festive activities, neighborhood activities etc. The planning may enhance their this type of cultural activities.

I think I'm talking too much out of my little knowledge in urban planning.
And sorry for not to help you out giving some good examples from here. Actually after remaining busy inside this urban slum of concrete in Dhaka is a bit tough to get some good examples near about to help you. I was also trying to find out some example over internet... lets see....
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Mon Feb 19 2007, 06:59pm
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oh thanks and you are not weak on urban planning, everything you said are true and points to consider
we are preserving the current street layout and all the buildings, that is necessary to start with
what i need is specific examples from rural areas, i looked through(from a book, would have been nice if i could post them here) some done in turkey today, and i wanted to know examples from other places
what we do is we keep the street pattern as is but we distinguish vehicle access from pedestrian paths by pavement and such decoration
balaban is a very small rural place anyway, all ill need is 1 or 2 streets in it and all other transportation could go around the area
i want to see cul de sac patterns that seem to work or other patterns that keep the traffic out of the area but still make it accesible in cases of emergency

for example i couldnt find info on borind yet, any borind preservation areas you know? any websites i could check?
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