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Tue Nov 21 2006, 04:47am Print
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: Dhaka
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If u choose a master architect's project reivew from website or any article and translate that into bengali and upload into this site every week the site would be more interesting and i think member will be increase
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Tue Nov 21 2006, 05:23am
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: Dhaka, Bangladesh
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I think we[Bangladeshi/Bengali speaking] are not the only people who are in this community.

most of the people are from outside the region and their language is different.

for that we have a common solution which is the "International Language - English".

So, I think it is not a good idea.
though, I appreciate your concern.

but there should be a link directory in the Archsociety for various web links containing especially "master architect's project review from website"

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Tue Nov 21 2006, 07:06am
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: Dhaka
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hmm. But this forum is made by Bangladeshi people. And most of the members i think are bangladeshi. If review are been posted in bengali i think thats not harmful. If we dont write bengali so what is the different between other forum and this forum? Why do we so much careful about foreign members? We should write in our language if we find that easy. There are lots of websites like italian, french etc language. Do they care for english? This is just a section of review. And i asked it for Bengali cause it will be very easy to us. Otherwise we can browse in google and find a lots of article, no need to read from here.

as example i read this article
but didn't understand well for english. If it would be in Bengali i could learned a lot of things.
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Wed Nov 22 2006, 12:51pm
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Ask admin about the exact statistics!
Here most members are not from Bangladesh. The major participation till date may be from Bangladeshi people, but most of the members are coming from different parts of the glob.
You may brows through the members profile pages.

But the issue of your 'Bangla translation' I would like to say... This is a considerable issue.
uummm the biggest question is 'WHO WILL DO THE JOB'?
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Wed Nov 22 2006, 01:20pm
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: Dhaka
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definitely admin. He can translate that and write into bengali font and make pdf then upload it. or he can announce a topic or building, who r interested to do that will translate and submitt on his or her name. It will be better if we take different source and compose them.

I can't do this cause i don't have good command in English.
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Wed Nov 22 2006, 03:28pm
Main Admin Registered Member #1 Joined: Sun Jul 31 2005, 06:24am
: virtual architecture ..!
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Here is an almost accurate stats of the users of archsociety (till now 22.11.2006, 21:20):
Total Members: 347
Bengali: 128 Global: 219

How much work only the admin can do?
Just for the archsociety here’s an overall list of my daily routine work:

1. Checking forum threads’ abuse or error reports, taking actions.
2. Checking the PMs and answering them.
3. Inviting archi students and architects from different other websites or forums to archsociety.
4. Searching for important architectural news worldwide. (writing and updating the news items)
5. Checking log-in errors and security threats.
6. Taking database backup
7. Taking care of the google advertisements.
8. User tracking. Setting new user’s class and permissions.
9. Deleting unused avatar and photograph images posted by users.
10. Planning and implementing new functionalities of the site, looking for their scripting, graphics etc.

And here are the other long term huge works other than the daily routine:

1. Searching and uploading download contents.
2. Searching or preparing articles for digital library
3. Working on the new features or functionalities of the website.
4. Planning and working on the physical existence of archsociety.
Here is an important thread related these issues:
Click here to GO THROUGH the thread

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