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Wed Nov 29 2006, 01:05pm Print
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Wed Nov 29 2006, 08:40pm
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Right at this moment I don't have much info on Renzo Piano.
What I have are some photos of one of his project in Barlin. It's a cultural complex in Berlin by Piano.
(I copied these images form a book few years ago... and can't remember the name of it, if i sit in library.. i'll give you all other info)

This is the master plan of a part of the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. After the disasters of world war II Berline was planned to be redesigned. Many famous architects worked in the redevelopment of Berlin. Renzo Piano had a big contribution in this continuous development. In 1992 Daimler Benz's development arm, debis, appointed Renzo Piano (with German architect Christoph Kohlbecker) to oversee the development of its site (totalling over 600, 000 square meters/6.5 million square feet) at Potsdamer Platz. Piano worked with an international design team including Rechard Rogers. The basic master plan of this are was initiated by Schinkel. Renzo Piano has subtly subverted the original masterplan. While conceding that 'modernisation must not undermine the character of the city', he has created a dense and visually varied urban quarter which aims to balance public and private space. Perhaps it was his astute choice of materials, notably terracotta cladding, which allowed him to succeed where Rogers failed- the Daimler Benz HQ at the southern end of the development is, Berlin standards, a skyscraper, breaking free of the discipline of the block. The brilliant device of linking them internally with a glazed retail mall - toplit, like the arcades of the 19th century and genuinely grand in scale - has created a vast public space at the heart of the site. Which is enormously popular with Berliners - 200,000 people came there on the opening day.

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Wed Nov 29 2006, 10:49pm
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(Oh you know.. Norman Foster also worked in this area. His famous Reichstag Building which is now being used as the Faderale Parliament Building is also within the Potsdamar Platz area)
Here are few more important images related to the mega development project by Renzo Piano:

1164840594 4 FT1291 Potsdamer Platz Berlin

Potsdamer Platz Berlin

1164840594 4 FT1291 Potsdamar Platz Berlin Renzo Piano

Initial Planning by Renzo Piano

1164840594 4 FT1291 Potsdamar Platz Model Renzo Piano

Model of the master plan by Renzo Piano

1164840594 4 FT1291 Covered Pubilc Space Renzo Piano

Covered Public Space - Potsdamer Platz - Renzo Piano

1164840594 4 FT1291 Benz Hq Renzo Piano Berlin

Daimler Benz's Head Quarter, Potsdamer Platz, Renzo Piano

1164840594 4 FT1291 Imax Cinema Renzo Piano Berlin

Imaxx Cinema in the complex Edited Wed Nov 29 2006, 10:59pm
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Thu Nov 30 2006, 08:49am
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i cant put any light from my own but here waht im trying to share is some important search result- on Renzo piano. i hope you will get enough food for thought from all these places.

above is the official site of the great master. then here comes an interview, the original article is belong to archinect

if you want to learn him you must look at it --

# Renzo Piano profile and examples on
# "Renzo Piano - A celebrity architect without all the glitz" Slate article
# California Academy of Sciences website about the new building designed by Renzo Piano
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Thu Feb 15 2007, 08:21am
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those are help ful sites off course..but if any one needs further help regarding any particular project.. i think i can help if it is in his design studio series... i baought the whole series
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Thu Aug 20 2020, 10:47am
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