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Mon Dec 18 2006, 06:46pm
rami, watch some programs regulary on fashion on TV, if u are not a part of fashion industry, the lifestyle or working style of the field wont be clear to u which is most important. shows, advertise, parties, interviews are often shown on those programs. so how a ramp works, or how they display their items, even u will see the difference between the styles of different countries. and that will be best if u visit physically some of the places.
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Mon Dec 18 2006, 09:06pm
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: virtual architecture ..!
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Warm welcome to Rami.
And thanks to everyone for their kind participation.
However.. as this thread is going towards design discussions other than simple hi hello of 'Introduce Yourself' so I'm moving this thread to 'Bubble of Ideas' forum.
Keep rocking... Edited Mon Dec 18 2006, 09:08pm
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Tue Dec 19 2006, 06:06am
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Fashion Technology:

when you are thinking of fashion technology park, the above page must be visited. yeah as Mrs. ahsan told you earlier that when you are dealing with fashion, it is important to know about the industry itself . and reagion, you are dealing with. a fashion technology park in paris and that in india certainly will contain diffrent value and tast. so they will hold up different objective too..

according to Mrs. Ahsan's finding the above mentioned site will clearly guide you thropugh how a india based fashion technology park works. you can see the buildings they are heavily glamorous. it should be. when you dealing with fashion glamor and tradition is the main message you want to establish.
and i was thinkking of a creative idea about the theater. one theater can be the conventional long ramp where fashion parade takes place. another thater hall can be arranged where speciall themed event can be "Marriage" can be a theme where aprt from the conventional long ramp, we can arrange a place for fire, as like as a 'sadi place' and the whole show of marriage can be shown in a dramatic mannar rathar than walking in and out in a row.
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Tue Dec 19 2006, 04:23pm
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Hey thanks nirghum, ur ideas will help me out i hope.
tell me more about this if u get some stuff k.....
take care.
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Thu Dec 17 2015, 01:11am
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Hello everyone !

I'm Sarini, doing my B.Arch final year in Chennai. Minimalism was my dissertation topic and ever since fashion technology park or fashion hub have been on my mind as my thesis topic.

I'd be really grateful if anyone of you could provide me with any sort of help.

I also have a few questions in my mind like, is having a residential complex in a fashion tech park mandatory ? Also, till date there is no fashion tech park in India. What can be the case study, a normal fashion institute ? Or "individual" case studies for individual components like expo centre, shopping mall, manufacturing unit etc. ? Is there a famous and well-suited fashion tech park abroad that you'd suggest ?
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Thu Jan 31 2019, 12:33pm
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Sun Feb 10 2019, 10:54am
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Mon Feb 25 2019, 04:29am
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