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Sat Jan 27 2007, 08:30pm
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: bits N bites
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yeh if it is global. than you cant stick to english. you need to concider hosting every language on the earth.
global means for all.
now if we are loving english more then we are not global. we are english. and no need to remind that english is not the globe.may the most popular and understood language. but not the globe. so if we relly want to host global people and their opinion than we must allow chinese, russian, french, if we stick to english and not create room for those language, you cant be global. so when talking being global, means it host many language.

so the disipline is seperate room for seperate language. but sticking in to english with a hard line is not being global.
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Sat Jan 27 2007, 10:30pm
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: virtual architecture ..!
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There are some secrete logic of archsociety for this English priority policy. Sorry to say this rule will remain as strict as it was.

But separate language forum (which is user-class restricted & hidden from public) is always appreciated. I have already told about the '5 requests' parameter for opening new language specific forum.
But those forum won't be shown in public anyway, it goes against the policy of archsociety.
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Mon Jan 29 2007, 08:35am
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wrote ...
but what munna vai is trying to say is why not other, can see it. let the world see how does bangla looks.
Generally when I see any other language other than my mother tongue or the English I don't even try to go through the pages. No one will bother to see other language in a page but English or their own mother tongue.
So I think it's not a very good idea to make all the languages public at a time in a same place. People don't like to see other languages. Think of yourself what you generally do.

That's why this 'Language Firewall' technique is more intelligent. I think Admin is trying to telling about this point "Everyone will see two languages his/her mother tongue or English, nothing else". And I think this is the most effective way to handle language issue in a global platform.
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Mon Jan 29 2007, 04:46pm
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well well well.

archsociety remained local after all this conversations. as i dint find anyone from outside.

i think admin is right. we shouldnt take these two into one hard line.
wishes folks.

im back!
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