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silent dark
Wed Feb 07 2007, 11:44am Print
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: Dhaka
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Architect Farida Nilufer takes our URBAN DESIGN 1 course.
She gave us an assignment where we are to write about any successful urban plaza.

You people please help me finding some good examples of successful urban plaza.
And give me some ideas about how to prepare this assignment.

Thanks for any help.
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Wed Feb 07 2007, 09:28pm
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: Dhaka
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hello 'shunshaan' dark bhai.
salam. this assignment is easy to write by starting reading some from boring fletcher, or try something out from 'ilfe in spaces' book..or some from J krier's book(i forgot the name).
maybe you can think some from our country...say. dhanmondi RABINDRA SHAROBAAR..can it be a public plaza? ask yourself.

or you can search some from india's masters.
i think dont be typical with european zones. better try out some from hongkong. its really fascinating

hope i bored you like hell.
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Wed Feb 07 2007, 10:55pm
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if any body there would little explain here what 'Urban Plaza' is, then i might say something on it.

im a good learner. so try to teach me a little, i will help you teaching me. its easy.

whatever it is, i wish Silent Dark a good result out of his assignment.
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Sat Feb 10 2007, 12:09am
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succesful in what way? you could check out almost any historical example from italy (umm check out lewis mumford's the city in history, is a very good resource, you probably have it in your school library). they are all pretty, have nice human scale, pedestrian flow, enclosure, climate control etc.
then if you want something newer and something that reflects the modern age, you could check out potsdam platz from germany, potsdamer platz would return results too. its success is arguable in an urban design and planning perspective because the values it puts forth are specificly consumerist and lacks relation with the historical identity of the place, but it is very succesful and functional in providing the goals it was designed for and very prestigious. it is up to you to decide if you like this or not, it might lead to some good class discussion on larger scale urban identity, culture and what design is for. the individual works of architecture(sony, chrysler, potsdamer platz.. plazas) around this is significant too. another nice discussion would be the grand scale and different approach shaping this plaza distinguishing it from historical ones. the scale is not on a pedestrian level and yet the pedestrian flow is very dense, kinda meets the habits of today.
hope this is of any help.
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Sat Feb 10 2007, 01:38am
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I wrote about Potsdamar Platz of Berlin Here in this thread
I posted some drawings and photos too.

atul wrote ...
maybe you can think some from our country...say. dhanmondi RABINDRA SHAROBAAR..can it be a public plaza? ask yourself.
This may be an intelligent approach to prepare the submission. And you also may learn a lot by doing something on the popular urban spaces near about you. In this way you could understand more about the practical issues of how and why an urban plaza becomes 'successful'.

The south plaza of the National Assembly building designed by Luis I. Kahn may also be a very good example of a successful urban plaza.
Here is the google earth location file:
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Sun Apr 24 2022, 07:17am
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awesome post i love it keep posting more!
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