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can u help me to understand a contour site???
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Thu Feb 15 2007, 08:51am Print
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: Dhaka
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i m facing pretty much problem in understanding my site, which is a contour site anD i really do not understand how to deal with it.
as far i discussed... i have learned tht i have to work with plan anD section... but still cannot understand properly...
can anybody help me please...
i have to design a secondary school upon a contour.
here goes the site for you .

1171529473 364 FT0 12
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Thu Feb 15 2007, 02:22pm
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+2m means the curved area is 2 meter high level than road level. +4m means that area is higher than gound level in 4 meter. And the top is 10 meter higher than road level.

we do use stilt system where the ground level is not same. I am also in 3-1. So i may not help u properly.
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Thu Feb 15 2007, 04:33pm
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It's good that the site is elongated in the north-south direction. It will help you to follow the climatic considerations of this project easily.

The challenge of this project is to deal with the contours. When we are given a contoured site then it is very obvious that we have to respect the contour lines. In this case we should try hard not to break any contour line during the design.
To this it's good if you start your design from a section. Play with spaces in section first. Then prepare a plan from the section. The design process may be reversed than the usual... here we can start thinking in section.

(May be I'm wrong) Few things are obvious:
1. The project will be a composition of playful terraces..
2. Though it's tough to work with pedestrian ramps, however I prefer dealing a project like this using ramps. As we should also think of the accessibility for the 'differently able' pupil of the school.
3. At the top of the contour it should be the library . As Luis I. Kahn did!
4. Strictly avoid corridors. Connect every space and function using common covered or semi covered spaces, never by corridors.
5. Here for this connections you may create the terraces in different levels of the contours.
5. Sections in a contour site is a good opportunity to create the 'visual connections' between spaces. Such as: the library may be visible from every connecting terraces, playground terraces may be visible from the cafe.... etc. Through this visual connections the 'we feeling' of the students of different classes may be developed.

Mmmm.... start designing it.... lets see what happen.
Section and model... section and model... that's the only way to solve it
Oh, please share your design developments... I'm feeling interest to see the design how it goes....
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Thu Feb 15 2007, 07:08pm
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: istanbul
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dont you guys start with environmental control analysis? you may just consider direction roughly when you are working on densely built urban areas and dont have much control on the site plan, but when we are given empty lots like this, and a project which involves several units, we definitely do orientation, wind, slope etc. analysis first.
I intended to do those for you and give advice accordingly but the image seems to be terribly off scale. I put it in an autocad file with a scale of 1:1 and the vertical line marked 50 m is 43 units while the 20m road is 9 units. I could still scale it to meet those measurements but the site would look much different then, make sure what you have there is correct. it changes your approach ans the site's charachteristics a lot.
well roughly the upper part of your site is facing north and has a higer slope than the rest of the site. this makes it more difficult to settle there, it gets less sunlight and the circulation would be difficult. still, I would recommend that you use that part for building space because it will not be used actively as open space due to slope. put there functions that would need less light and natural heat, like those that are lit artificially or not used often. for example storage rooms and laboratories are almost always lit with artificial light anyway.
for circulation neo is right(also about the terraces, terraces with roof gardens would be great), always try to use ramps. especially in buildings that should serve the public, like schools. make the ramps go around the hill in circles with a maximum slope of 5%, more than that will not be helpful for the disabled. 3% is even better. many students will not want to go around the whole ramp so make shortcuts through the slope and make them stairs, pedestrian routes with that kind of slope are disfunctional.
speaking of disfunctionality, try to get open air green spaces on relatively flat places with good sunlight. it is a school so you should better place some sports in there.
learn the direction of the wind. you live in a hot humid climate (im just guessing this, hope its correct) so you may want to let in some wind to clear the humidity and cool places down. but not too much. plant trees in the direction wind comes from, they slow the wind down and clear polluted air it may be carrying.
mark viewpoints, for example, the peak probably has a good view. place functions that are in common use, like cafeterias, in the places with the best views.
the right of the image faces east, therefore gets morning light. if classes begin early in bangladesh (here some schools start later than others) it would be good motivation(not to study in the dark) and energy efficient to place the classrooms on that part and afternoon activities like clubs on the left facing west.
this is a very clear topography and helps shape yur project a lot. dont forget to try to create a feeling of unity between units because they may get too seperated since all sides are facing different directions.
oh i think i wrote too much. hope youll read all this and will be helpful. ask if any of this is confusing.
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silent dark
Fri Feb 16 2007, 07:16am
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when I start to design than I think myself..What I want.if it is a school project than I think what was I feel when I was in school. in my school what i want to see more..some class room & A big field..We came to school for we should start from the thinking what will be different in my design fro other school..And In contour site we should think from section.that's will be wise with space.Create some indoor space & some outdoor space..And I am agree with neo that At the top of the contour it should be the library.
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Fri Feb 16 2007, 08:31pm
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: Dhaka
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thanks to himel, neo, epitaf anD silent dark for ur suggestions...

and yes... i indeed studied the climatology of this site ...
anD thanks for sharing your ideas all...

i m gonna leave the top alone, i want it as the main play field...
but i really cudnt get where to put the parking zone for 20 cars anD 2 minibusses (don ask me y there are so much... they gave it to us )...

i think i m gonna put class rooms in the east side...
thanks for the sugestion to put the labs in the north...cuz i was confused where to put them, anD i dont wanna built a building more than two floors...
the multipurpose hall (500 sqm) will be in the west...
admin in the south... but i really dunno will tht b wise... cuz tht might lose visual control over the labs...
do u think a south-east entry will create much noise to disturb the classes???
or rather i shud go for n south entry???

i m so confused with this site...
im tinking anD thinking anD thinking thn drawing a line anD thn erase it as it is turning out as a wrong one ...
anD i still cudnt get a grasp of the process of work...
i mean...the drawing is not helping me... as i really cudnt percieve wht i m drawing ... smtimes cannot draw wht i intending to do...
i m now working with models...
lets see wht happens now...

ohh i 4got to tell... epitaf.. the site is not drawn in any scale... or the given scale is wrong... we dunno...
nevertheless... we r taking the freedom to change it conveniently.
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Munna Bhai Architect
Sat Feb 17 2007, 02:32am
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try to have a concept. Secondary school means class 6 to 10. What they want? They all are teenagers. They think manythings, those are not possible in life. Can u remember the short story of Rabindranath "Chuti"? There is a line " tero chouddo bochorer baloker obostha........" something. I cant remember. And i think site is really difficult.

Students like to sit on railing and dance their legs. U can use a contour to seat and view and place a canteen their. U can see anna harringer's rudropurs handmade school. There are holes on mud walls where children can seat relaxly and study and they pass through the hole and play. This hole idea is only applicable in this type of school. So think about your site and demand of students and make somthing uniq. Tension nahi lene ka
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Sun Feb 18 2007, 06:13am
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Naheen I think your avatar and the image you posted with your topic is gone for the yesterday's disaster! See this topic by admin:
You please re-post the image of your site
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