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: virtual architecture ..!
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During the maintainance of server, somehow the entire directory of archsociety got deleted. And ArchSociety was down for more than one hour. We could restore a backup of 6 days ago. By this time all the files uploaded to archsociety are missing. (Although the texts, forum posts are as it is there, only files are missing... suppose the avatar, or image attachments in forum posts ets.) We are really very sorry for this loss. Begging pardon to them who's files are missing. In the case of forum posts it is requested to the respected members to upload their images again (what they have been uploaded during the last one week). Once again sorry for this accident. If any other error is found anywhere in ArchSociety please report to this thread. Thanks for everyone's cooperation. Edited Sun Mar 04 2007, 12:26am
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