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Wed Feb 21 2007, 04:38pm Print
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hi, annie here..finally i have decided a topic for my research and that is "metaphors and architecture"..... for that purpose .i have also studied frank gehry he used metaphors in his design.....any one of you have any ideas or any articels or just "anythng"..that can help me in this regard......
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Tue Feb 27 2007, 11:07am
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You'll get some writing on Gehry's work and his metaphore in architecture in the 'Theories and Manifestos of Architecture' book or in the 'Towards a New Architecture' you'll get some good articles.
Try finding those books in your library. Or collect from friends. These are 'mandatory to read' books before proceeding in any thesis like this.

Metaphor often comes 'automatically' often it is rather 'imposed'. Modern or rationalist architects deny the 'imposed' practice of using metaphor in architecture. Personally me too don't like any metaphor which is rather imposed in design.
Suppose 'making fishes' or using 'fish' as a metaphor like Frank Gehry seems real stupidity to me.
Metaphor can't come up with 'forms'. Making 'forms' out of a metaphor is absolute stupidity.... like making a restaurant in a shape of a burger

Taking metaphor is not that to make only forms. It should go far beyond it.
An urban project in Australia (most probably in a suburb of Sydney, forgot the name of it and the architect) seemed interesting to me in terms of using metaphor.
The architect tried to 'zip' up two suburbs by a street. And the pattern of the street seems like it's really zipping up the two areas from the top view. Here a zipper is the metaphor for his design.

Last of all metaphors come up automatically, it evolves through the design process. Nothing to impose.
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Wed Feb 28 2007, 07:32am
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thanks alot for your reply..people in this society hardly reply or give any comments..glad to get your reply and it helped me too ..thanks alot again
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Thu Mar 01 2007, 11:12pm
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annie, i couldn't reply to your topic as this one was very technical to your subject, that is architecture.

generally i talk on buildings and its functionality. but about metaphor i didn't find much in my head to talk after. and i dont know other why they replied. but its always good to get reply.

the same time i too invite you to reply to other's topic. i believe if you help other to understand their subject, they would help you in your topic. so please don't heart break,reply others to show how it should be.

wish some one have got some thing to talk on your topic, soon.

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Fri Mar 02 2007, 02:42pm
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A metaphor is commonly confused with a simile which compares two subjects using "like" or "as". An example of a simile: "He was as sly as a fox." In the simplest case, a metaphor takes the form: "The [first subject] is a [second subject]." More generally, a metaphor casts a first subject as being or equal to a second subject in some way. jus came across this quote n find this place as the best to post.. it clearly defines the difference between simile and mataphor.. its not always the theory of "AS IT IS" or "DETO" as that was the part of pop art.. HILARIOUS
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Sun Apr 24 2022, 06:12am
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Interesting post i love it keep posting more!
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