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museum for the visually impaired
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Architect Rafay
Sun Mar 25 2007, 01:24pm
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: Karachi
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yes i agree with u .. thnk u for showing me a new perspective.. i will definately put that in first now... since the blind are considered as a negative part of our society and no provision is given for them in our public spaces so i also wanted to create an awareness so that through my desing n the elemts i incorporate in my ciculation n the features involved.. these would then can be used in public spaces and thus our buildign bylwas will change accordingly.
yes i am trying to put in a gallery wih an institution or workshops wher eht blind could create their own art or crafts and hence this can raise their efficency as like a normal person. What do u have to say on that ?
aprat from this im plannign to give a thearter wher they could perform in front of normal sighted ppl. also workshops, lecture rooms and a museum.
The concept that i took was fron biomimicry in architecture since my resarch area was bionics, and from that i took the inspiration from an ant.since blindness is a phenomenon that exist in ants and they evolve and adjust themselves wiht the surroudings. I am looking at how they make their colonies underground. This fasinated me to go underground and design my whole strucurtres undergroudn in the form of ant colonies so that the upper groudn could be used aas a park and one that is considered as a SENSORY GARDEN (a garden with sense) . SInce my main moto was to bring ecology back through my desing since the existing structres are depleting nature at an alarming rate. Wat do u say on this ?
ive made some conceptual sketches that i can show it to you and u could help me wiht how i can move further. ..
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Sun Mar 25 2007, 03:16pm
went trough your mail!
Good that you understood the ethos what has to be the beginning......!
generally what happens we speak a lot about whats happening around the world...the we miss out these basic issues....what our society has created as a wall.....n remember....what ever u experiment has to have impact on the society!
one more thing.........don't say tat m putting a gallery, institution or make it strong part of your program formulation......u have to put forward those issues n justify tat y u came up wit such programs..........just go on structuring it in a format!..........then put forward other your researches!

And about design concerns...........don't go too much into techno..........!
a blind person..........cant see......tats the only sense he misses in him........but il tell u they have so power other senses which make them able to b......!
personally I'll tell you........ you study tactile art/ architecture.........the space you create has to be as sensitive as blind people could feel comfort...........And the ambiance you create has to attack on the emotions of general people visiting the same!

about your concept.............don't get carried away with the ant colonies...........concept has to b subjective not objective!!!
You are design a space for people who r visually impaired..........and trying to create complication by the term 1 thing.............
I liked your idea of sunken programs underground and making a beautiful park on top.....but remember about the comfort of the victims!
rest all fine!!!!!! If you can post your conceptual sketches we can the discuss into bits n pieces!!!!!!! !
do reply!

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Sun Apr 08 2007, 11:32am
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: bits N bites
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I think it's not much challenging to design an art musiem for blind.
Blind pupil can percive more strongly with there other sence organs,
So through enhancing there other sence organs like using a high
qality sound, giving pictoroal explnation using computer technology
or person, With out giving much emphesise on building design beyond
the level required for there comfortable movement. They can just sit
and relax to visit UR musiem.

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Sun Apr 08 2007, 11:35am
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: bits N bites
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a museum for blinds should be a museum of sound. That can be for all.
Sound would be the only display. Design the sound display.

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Wed May 16 2007, 04:19pm
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I'm interested to see what you are doing at the end...
Please post some of your drawings or photos in the forum.
I'm interested about architecture for 'differently able' people.
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Fri May 18 2007, 01:25pm
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i have a lecture about colours and our lecturer told us that there is a theory that the blind people can feel the colours, they feel the light waves. but i don't know is that true.
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