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Forum rules & Code of Ethics
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ARCHSOCIETY Code of Ethics
1.Personal Attacks : Users will not personally attack any other members in the forum by any offensive language or any other media. It is recommended to remain strict to the issue of a thread in the forum. Any kind of personal query should go through PM to the specific user.
Admin will not go to solve any personal quarrels between users. Admin or the moderators can edit the posts with offensive personal talks.
Quarrelling users can request admin by PM to take actions against other users. Rest of the decisions will be merely of the admin or moderators. No arguments will be entertained.

2.Use of Forum VS PM : Users should be careful about what to write in forum and what should go to PM. Suppose no user should write something like 'hey moderator why did you delete/edit my post' in the forum. This type of queries to the admin should go through direct PM to the admin or to moderator, should not appear in the forum.
And obviously merely personal talks also shouldn't appear in the forum, use PM for that purpose.
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