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Do something for poor people who dont have home... make a fund
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Wed Jun 13 2007, 03:21pm Print
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: Dhaka
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i found 10 people from bangladesh are active in archsociety.
1. Himel
2. Nirghum
3. NEO
4.Rubel raf
5. Atul
6. Aliza
7. Kochchop
8. Silent dark
9. Meema

10 memberX100taka= 1,000 taka
10 teacher X 200 taka= 2,000 taka
 total                       = 3,000 taka.

If we make a fund and collect 5,000 taka per month. we can help poor people. We are student of architecture. We should look after people who have no home. or who are living in unhigenic place. We can improve their bosti.  We can design architectural bosti (slum). We should do something for them. I live in a flat which is on the lake. There are lots of women who bath in the lake. They dont have any change room. When they bath people stare at them. They are compelled to bath in the lake. this is very dukhkhojonok ghotona. we can help them. They are inocent. They dont have any savings. plz make a fund for them.
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Thu Jun 14 2007, 12:07am
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: Dhaka
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I had a personal idea like this.
It's good that you started this discussion... it reminds me my plans
Hmm it's really good idea, but we should also look this issue more practically in detail and in depth. Okay before telling my plans you better answer me few questions:
1. Why this venture can't be from a global participation?
2. What type of help you like to do?
3. Why us? Wares sir says "Architects are not social workers, they are architects"
4. Helping someone through 'architectural design solutions' requires 'land' and few other legal and economical elements. Why the govt will give us the permission to do something for the slum dwellers? There are certain legal obstacles in working for them through 'architecture'.
Anyway... I thought about this long ago and still thinking.
collecting some donations from many people's pockets and just giving to the slum dwellers; this thing can do anyone. No one needs to be an architect to do that. We have to think what 'we' can do specially for them as a part of the architects community of the world. We can go for an extensive analysis and survey of the slum areas, we can find out environmental and architectural problems, we can do some innovative, sustainable designs for low cost to help them out of architecture. We can reform the slums. We can give a new shape and dimension of their daily life standard through our innovative design solutions.
We have to think in this way. Remember, giving money to poor did nothing good of them ever in this society. We'll not give them money, we'll make the way of sustainable healthy living for them by the money.
However, thanks to Himel again for starting this issue in the forum.
Expecting others ideas and opinions.... we can move for an action seriously!
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Fri Jun 15 2007, 08:07am
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: Dhaka
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1. this venture can be from global participation but not from archsociety members cause foreign members are not inactive.

2. i would like to arrange their small houses properly. tell them about sustainable material. Give them architectural and social sense. Their will be recreational spaces and other necessary spaces etc.

3. jodi tor daak shune keu na ashe tobe ekla cholo re...........

4. we will not buy any types of land for them. Where they are living, we will just improve the environment............


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