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Tue Jun 19 2007, 08:04pm Print
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: quetta
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hello....h r u people???well....i have just passed my 12th standard and i want to becum an plz can u people just tell me abt the eligibility criteria for architectural study and how much creative shud i be so that i can be able to study arch n also plz tell me dat how much free hand sketching is imp in arch study cuz i have got a little sketch skills....thanx n i hope no one will ignore me...
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Wed Jun 20 2007, 11:14am
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: bits N bites
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i would suggest to to directly move to your nearest architecture school/college/university (what ever suites for your country). there try to talk with some first year guys. and visit to the campus will give you motivation.
as the admission system varies from school to school, and countries. so you get to your area’s rules.

i think your sketching skill will be the best friend through out your process of persuasion a carrier in architecture. have full confidence in you and head towards your nearest architecture campus.
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Wed Jun 20 2007, 04:15pm
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: Dhaka, Bangladesh
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hello... Abid

and welcome to our community...
[both Archsociety & to Architecture]

hope you'll like it
I like it [though there were many tough time being in the discipline of Architecture"and there will be more"]

good luck to you for the days to come.... )

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Wed Jun 20 2007, 05:45pm
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: quetta
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nirghum i wud have done that by visiting my nearest campus but the prob is there is no archi school in our city n there r very less people who know abt arch dats y i m feeling very tensed........
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Thu Jun 21 2007, 03:39pm
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Hmm sketching skill is necessary to study architecture. Few things are more important in this regard: 1. Creativity, 2. Analytical ability, 3. Stamina of working.

Architecture is a discipline which will take a lot of time of your daily life. You might have to work over nights day after day. It's an extremely laborious discipline. It requires extreme dedication and passion towards architecture.
And it is tough. Extremely tough. Hey don't be anxious.. if you have the passion of creation, if you are a incubator of ideas then it is the right discipline for you.
But remember, once you enter in architecture it will change your life. It will change you. It will change your thought process, your vision and dimension of looking towards the world.
Think in this way... it may help you to understand what architecture is:
You wake up in bed at the morning... there's a window near your bed, it has a particular dimension and view towards outside. You walk out, you be fresh in the bathroom. You have your breakfast on the table. You go out by a particular street of your locality... you take vehicles....
Do you think you decide for all these? Unfortunately not! How the environment of your room will be... what you'll see through the window, how much wind and light will come in to your room, how and where you'll have your tooth brushing... by which road you'll leave your house, which vehicle will you take, by which roads you'll reach your school, how much will be the traffic in the road... where will be the door knob of your class room, how big is your play field....
heh all these decisions are made by the architects. Your every steps is predefined! Someone designed it, and you are following it. That's the thing architects do.

Now think, how tough it is to design and determine the 'life' of people.
Architects are to know almost 'everything', they are to be the jack of all trades. It's a mixture of arts, philosophy, science and technology and the applied skill of all those knowledge in reality.
Think before you leap!
By the way.. I encourage you to get in it... as you are a conscious boy. You have at least the sensibility of finding out a good forum and querying about architecture, good. Take your decision.. and we are always here to help you out
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Fri Jun 29 2007, 01:27pm
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: dhaka
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welcome to architecture....
welcome to a hardworking life...
welcome to a tiering life...
welcome to a new life...
welcome to a creative life...
welcome to a frustrating life...
welcome to a different one...
just come and taste the life of architecture...
feel the happiness in tough time...
come and feel the difference...
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