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ideas to generate program for experimental housing
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Tue Nov 27 2007, 12:03pm Print
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experimental housing out here actually refers to housing for physically challanged tht o any age group....the idea is to try to formulate a program which talks abt designing housing keeping in mind the physically handicapped ppl.....

the idea is to merge different programs to form a comfortable society comprising of these houses which also keeps in mind as to not segregate them from the society...
so the program talks abt merging together different programs to form a suitable program of higher order....
even though the idea is still in a development state, i would be happy if i could get any replies concentrating on the idea behind the program n provide me with useful direction....

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Mon Dec 03 2007, 07:00am
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Draw the ramps first at minimum 1:12 ratio as per approximate difference between floors.
Pedestrian ramps require a lot of space. So take it as an advantage in design not as a problem. The ramps may become the most elegant, connecting linear elements in your design. So start with drawing ramps perfectly.
The ramps will guide you automatically towards the form.
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Tue Dec 04 2007, 04:32pm
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thanks for the reply.
i did like both the ideas to atleast start wid, when i design....

but i havent still completely designed the program as in fixed the program....

i still would like your precious suggestions towards building up the program...
as in wht all can be attatched with this program of housing....wht all activities....wht other possibilities to run parallel with the housing..maybe depending on the need of housing or based on the need of the program....

i will also post wht all i have thought till now as far as the program goes.....

lookin forward for replies..

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