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Thu Feb 14 2008, 06:43pm Print
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: Dhaka
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This is my website. I am doing 3d Architectural visualization works.
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Fri Feb 15 2008, 07:48pm
Admin Registered Member #4 Joined: Thu Aug 04 2005, 04:54am
: Dhaka
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Your works are really nice and almost having the international standard. Congratulations  wink.png
And its really great that you started your own website for publishing your works. Bravo...shades.png

Keep up this good works. And I'm sure I'll knock you whenever we start our own architecture firm or if I need any professional help regarding 3ds.

If you need any help regarding webdesign or hosting you may write to our new web related forum or you may talk to me or nirghum. Edited Fri Feb 15 2008, 07:55pm
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Sat Feb 16 2008, 03:41pm
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: Dhaka
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I want to know how many visitors are visiting daily my website. How can i see that?
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Sun Feb 17 2008, 03:41am
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: virtual architecture ..!
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Its related to your hosting provider. Now you are using Google Pages. I don't know much about Google Pages. If they give any service like this then you may check.
You may also get free access counters and put them into your pages to count the number of visitors.

If you buy a professional Linux hosting then you'll get an amazing statistics of your website. Its called 'Awstats' which would give you every details of your visitors including their time of visit, their country, browser, operating system, how long they stay at your site, from where the come... everything.

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Tue Feb 19 2008, 12:38pm
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you can try
and also

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Tue Sep 16 2008, 08:36pm
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very nice.. i was doing 3d work for companies on the side for a couple years... but never got a website up and running. I hope it helps! I see your 291 posts! impressive... keep active in architecture forums and I'm sure you'll do well!
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Wed Oct 08 2008, 06:43am
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: chennai
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AWESOME!!! amazing works..
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