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Mon Nov 10 2008, 08:53am Print
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HI everyone,,
i am fresh graduate, working in an office,
i just want to share a personal experience with u ppl,,and want to know whether i am right or not,
"i think that when an architect designs & constructs a project/building/whatever,,he/she should have some legal rights son it,like no alternations in the design or usage should be allowed without the due permission from the architect,,i would like to have it,because, with the passage of time,building usaga is changed,its look is changed ,it may involove many reason, that also may  effect the reputation of the architect,
what u people think about this,and tell me whwether  i am right or not?or there may be some other solution to this?"
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Mon Nov 10 2008, 05:12pm
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Umm its pretty confusing matter.
Often I feel like the architects are failed to gain the faith of people and that's why they are modifying their works without notifying the architects. Its our (architects') failure. And everything is changing. Why not architecture? A property owner may wish to change the usage of a building anytime, and he/she has the right (till it is legal by law of the city planning).
We say nature is the most beautiful. However, I believe nature is beautiful because it changes. In future we should think of more 'flexible' buildings or designs which is easily customizable as per the changing necessities.

Another thought:
Architecture is a work of art. It has intellectual, artistic, cultural and historical value. Its an absolute creation of an architect with his/her ultimate devotion and passion. No one just can't change or destroy it just by wish. We should move against this bad practice.

By the way, I vote for the first opinion.
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