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Mon Dec 14 2009, 08:22pm Print
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hello everyone. i am studying architecture in Greece. I'd like to expand my knowledge in architecture and product design as well.  looking forward for any usefull discussions or advice.
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Tue Dec 15 2009, 05:49am
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: Dhaka
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Hi V_Arch..
Warm welcome. My personal opinion out of experience about the two professions (no need to take it seriously!):

Architecture: Always over fantasized, glamorized in school. But in reality in capitalist world its an awful hopeless profession.

Product Design: Very interesting (till you can design beyond your job assignments). I wish to try product designing soon
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Tue Dec 15 2009, 04:37pm
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You talk about 'two' professions. i always thought that product design and any kind of design (like interior design or even aircraft design and etc) it's an extension of architectural design (or at least for those you'd studied or studying architecture).
With regards to what you've said about architecture, although i love it (moreover that's why i'm studying it), i share the same opinion with you!! i believe that architecture is an important as well as 'glamour' profession but not as much as they want us to believe. 
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Wed Dec 16 2009, 11:16am
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we are happy to get u V_arch among us. welcome ! pal.
keep writing, commenting, sharing things with u. u can find many of the students are seeking help, discussion on her/her design topics. share your views with them help them to reach up to a concept. thus i think you can collect a good number of friends. tell us what you are designing now or reading. sharing is fun, enjoy.
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