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Newbie's interest: sustainable tropical architecture
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Jürg Hölzle
Fri May 07 2010, 08:08am Print
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I have studied mechanical engineering at the ETH Zürich and worked for just 20 years in industry. Now I am planing to settle down in Thailand and working on affordable sustainable tropical housing.

As many other tropical countries, Thailand has a high increase in demand for electric energy because of the increasing use of air conditioner. A better solution would be sustainable houses which consumes less energy for cooling.

I hav a general interest in architecture. In Switzerland I am living in an apartment built to the Swiss MINERGIE standard.
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Sat May 15 2010, 03:47pm
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: Dhaka
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Wow, great to see you here, welcome
Architecture has a phenomenal relationship with mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering has contribution to architecture from the building service design to many design inventions.
Mech engineers and architects juxtaposition could be a great collaboration towards an innovative sustainable future of architecture. Keep up in touch with architects

Be careful, Thailand is pretty problematic now for the political situation! And of course it is true that Thailand has a unique culture and a great taste of design, their resort hotels are among the greatest examples of sensitive designs.

And yes a contribution from a mechanichal engineer could make it even better in terms of energy and HVAC efficiency. Jump in and start innovations. All the best.
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