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bachelor coourse in Tsinghua university
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Thu Oct 12 2006, 04:07pm Print
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: Dhaka
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In Tsinghua to major in Architecture it requires total 5 yrs course where you have to do 169 credits including 157 compulsary.This is for the overseas students. As for Chinese they have to do some extra.We have to do follow courses within these 5 yrs:
1.1:Pencil sketch(1),Architectural design studio(1),Expression of space and form,History of world ancient architecture,calculus(1),linear algebra(1),fundamental of computer.
1.2: History of chinese classical architecture,pencil sketch(2),Introducing to bulding technology,linear algebra(2),architectural design studio (2).
For fall: Rendering Practice and pencil sketch practice.
2.1:water colour painting, history of modern architecture,architectural design studio (3),basic theory of architectural design(1),engineering mechanics,statistics.
2.2:water colour(2),architectural construction(1),basic theory of architectural design(2),deisgn studio(4),structural mechanics.
For fall:practice water colour painting,practice architectural surveying and architectural rendaring and sketch.
3.1: computer aided architectural design,design studio(5), architecture acoustic, specialty reading in english.
3.2: thermal environment of buildings, luminous environment in architecture, principles of urban planning and design, theories on contemporary architectural design, architectural design studio(6), design of architecture. urban.landscape.
For fall: survaying and drawing of ancient buildings and computer prgramming practice.
4.1: professional knowledge for architecture, residental planning and housing design, urban design, engineering analysis for architect, base of the planning of urban traffic and road system. architectural construction(2).
4.2:design studio, professionnot practice.
Fall: also practice with professionals.
5.1:design studio1 and 2.
5.2: diploma project (thesis)
we also do some more courses ... here i just wrote down which are offered in our depertment... we can also select subjects for our interests.. and also can learn different language.. those are just our own choices... for me.. i m already facing difficulties as everything's in chinese and as we have just started mechanics part (material and static) so i m totally pissed now... anyways i couldn't make it as good as mrs. ahsan's, but i tried my best..
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Thu Oct 12 2006, 05:38pm
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: Dhaka
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:) mrs. ahsan is still shouting in Chinise in campus!!!

However, It's really very nice to get the information about the course outline in Tsinghua University.
One think amazed me in your syllabus. That is the rendering technics in hand, like special focus o pencil sketch, water color etc. I personnaly appreciate this attitude very much.
Here people often start to believe that good architecture without knowing how to sketch is possible (as computer is there). But I say it's not possible, the connection from brain to hand to pencil has some special power of creating better architecture which is impossible to achieve just by the computer.
But why to spend this much credits in Algebra?!
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Thu Oct 12 2006, 11:31pm
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: Dhaka
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In our school teachers think that itz very important to do your designs in hand. They don't want us to entirely depend on the technology. And for the math stuffs, itz also the school.. they want us to gain more knogledge on this part. In the beginning they just asked me whether i could do the sketches... if i cann't then i cann't get to get in the school... they really demand the skills in hand rather in tech.
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Wed Jun 13 2012, 08:01pm
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Ar. Taz could you please help me understand what you guys actually do in the "Practicing Architectural Surveying" in the fall semester after 2.2 ? in short, Elaborate it
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Tue Jan 22 2019, 07:43pm
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Sun Feb 10 2019, 07:36am
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Tue Feb 26 2019, 01:01am
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