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What should archsociety do to unite the students from all the architecture schools?
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Thu Aug 18 2005, 09:43am Print
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One of the main intention of establishment of ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY is to unite all the architecture schools in Bangladesh first. Then we will try to invite more schools to talk and contribute here from abroad.

What policy should be adopted by the ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY team to do this?
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Tue Jul 25 2006, 06:43am
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be there at orkut.come, and look for th eoption cimmunity. search for architect community. and see how long the list is. satart communicating there with people inviating them. and let them know in brief about the articles published here.
another such place is thsese are what i know. hope it will improve the user list of archsociety
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Sun Jul 30 2006, 04:21am
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: Dhaka
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Whenever i'm getting time, i'm trying to rock orkut's architectural forums.
now this thursday is the submission of our final project apartment complex design. So i may go beyond the reach of internet by this time .
Everyone.. keep rocking the forum.
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Sun Jul 30 2006, 08:32am
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yeh the user list is geting lengthy. now we need to keep in touch with the registered users. those who have provided their e-mail address should recieved mails time to time after certain intervals. informing the latest activity. and mostly asking them to post their intro in the forum.
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