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Sun Nov 12 2006, 06:29pm Print
Registered Member #341 Joined: Sun Nov 12 2006, 05:05pm
: Dhaka
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greetings archsociety members....

i am Le Ashique
studying in BRAC University
2nd year 1st semester

currently we r designing an atelier.....
we had to chose a creative occupation
guess what i chose for occupation....
a Tattoo Artist.....god knows what i'll do...
my design teacher is also confused.....

hoping for the best,......

Le Ashique
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Sun Nov 12 2006, 07:21pm
Admin Registered Member #4 Joined: Thu Aug 04 2005, 04:54am
: Dhaka
Posts: 666
It’s a wow intro Le!
Heartiest welcome to you to this community. How’s going your atelier project?
Think.. you are a Le Corbusier fan?
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Sun Nov 12 2006, 08:21pm
Registered Member #73 Joined: Wed Jul 12 2006, 10:32am
: Dhaka
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this ashique is one of the nicest person in our university. very smart, sincere and decent.he is kinda my fav.
archsociety welcome you dear, and thanks for this wonderful reflex to join here.

nafis bhai
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Mon Nov 13 2006, 07:25am
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: dhaka
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welcome to our wonderful community...
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Mon Nov 13 2006, 08:36pm
Registered Member #26 Joined: Mon Nov 28 2005, 05:52pm
: bits N bites
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welcome ashique, wish you would put lots of fun here.
tatto artist !! different choice. but why not i think lots of chips company has made enough free tatto distribution with there packets, so that kids know what it is. when i was a kid i didnt know the meanign of tatto. so as a carrier tatto designer is not crazy pick. any way love you man. keep watching the threads and try to punch your words in every thread. dont hesitat to write. write up any thing. any thing comes in your mind. thanks.
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emerging architect
Fri Nov 24 2006, 08:26pm
Registered Member #359 Joined: Fri Nov 24 2006, 07:15pm
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hey Ashique, Ur topic sounds interesting! I hope ur guide shall have a tough time!!! Hey, but enjoy ha!!
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Sat Nov 25 2006, 01:30pm
Registered Member #341 Joined: Sun Nov 12 2006, 05:05pm
: Dhaka
Posts: 9
thanx a lot, guys.....
i never thought i would get so many wonderful responses...
i have gone a long way with my design...
i have studied about tattoos and artists a lot...
i hope to come up with an exceptional design(my submission is on 5/12/06)
...and when i do, i will definitely post some pictures of it for u guys....
...thanx a lot

Le Ashique
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Sat Nov 25 2006, 04:25pm
Registered Member #138 Joined: Sun Aug 13 2006, 01:56am
: chennai
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welcome to archsociety dude.... hope u will enjoy it...
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