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Forum rules & Code of Ethics
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Thu Sep 01 2005, 09:17am Print
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ARCHSOCIETY Forum Rules 1.Clarity of English : Everyone has to write in clear English. No Internet shorthand is allowed. Such as: never write thnx, plz, neway etc. always write thanks, please, anyway in it's full form. Obviously write 'you' 'are' 'and' not like u, r, n. We should remember we are not writing sms here and discussion forum is not a chatbox. Other languages are allowed only in the language specific forums (like Bangla is allowed in Bangla Adda Ghor forum). Any language is allowed in the Realtime Chatbox. Except these places any other languages are not allowed anywhere in archsociety. (Of course, different language speaking members can request for their own 'language specific forum'. It will require only 5 requests from the members to open a forum like 'Arabic Forum' or 'Urdu Forum' etc.) Penalty for breaking this rule: User will be warned maximum three(3) times. If he/she continues breaking the rule he/she will be banned from this site. 2. Spamming: Don't post any meaningless or stupid writings or which doesn't go with the continuing discussion and the aim of a forum. Otherwise those posts will be treated as spam, and will be instantly deleted. Penalty for breaking this rule: User will be warned PM only once. If he/she continues breaking this rule he/she will be banned from the site. ARCHSOCIETY doesn't mercy for spamming anyway. 3.Writing in correct forum: Write specific post in specific forum. There are several forums to serve you. Find out which forum matches your topic, and then post it there. Penalty for breaking this rule: Topic will be moved to specific forum/ may be deleted. And the user will be warned. 4.About copyright issue: Archsociety believes in open-source knowledge sharing. Still there are some obvious restrictions on direct publishing images or texts from copyrighted books or websites in this forum. Everyone MUST have to write the name of the source of the content. In case of contents (image or text) from books: mention the name of the book and the publisher. In case of images or texts from other websites: When you are using an image from other website using direct hot-link (using bbcode or html) then it is not mandatory to mention the name of the source website. But when you are uploading an image or writing texts from other website everyone must have to mention the name of the source website. Penalty for breaking this rule: User will be warned inside the suspicious thread. If he/she doesn’t confirm about the actual source of the content within 5 days, the post (or may be the entire thread) will be deleted. And the user may be banned from the forum after a single warning. Edited Sat Jan 10 2009, 03:51pm
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Sat Jun 23 2007, 08:51pm
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ARCHSOCIETY Code of Ethics
1.Personal Attacks : Users will not personally attack any other members in the forum by any offensive language or any other media. It is recommended to remain strict to the issue of a thread in the forum. Any kind of personal query should go through PM to the specific user.
Admin will not go to solve any personal quarrels between users. Admin or the moderators can edit the posts with offensive personal talks.
Quarrelling users can request admin by PM to take actions against other users. Rest of the decisions will be merely of the admin or moderators. No arguments will be entertained.

2.Use of Forum VS PM : Users should be careful about what to write in forum and what should go to PM. Suppose no user should write something like 'hey moderator why did you delete/edit my post' in the forum. This type of queries to the admin should go through direct PM to the admin or to moderator, should not appear in the forum.
And obviously merely personal talks also shouldn't appear in the forum, use PM for that purpose.
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Sat Sep 12 2020, 06:24am
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Fri Feb 26 2021, 10:22am
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Transunion: As outlined above, hookup dating on the internet have their drawbacks. The pitfall from it is that it is very very easy to rest concerning your grow older, income, or marital reputation. For that reason, you could possibly turn out investing months looking to find the best match up. One of the best services to find complements for queers is TransUnion. The best thing regarding it is that you could get credit report checks, pay very little, and perhaps you will get fast credit endorsement.

I would personally definitely propose these three services as the easiest way to hookup with females. If you want to use totally free internet dating sites, be sure you seek information before signing up. Some websites are bogus, deceptive, and might cause damage to your potential. Keep in mind to learn the online privacy policy and guidelines of your internet site, and make certain the site has been in existence for a serious although. All of these variables can help you locate the best support for your needs.

Hookups with females is a terrific way to satisfy a new companion and experience a new tradition. Should you be looking up to now a lady on the web, bear in mind that there are lots of deceptive online dating sites. The best advice is to look into the Much better Company Bureau before using any online dating services. It's always best to be secure than sorry. Whether you decide to use on the web hookup providers or not, there are many individuals who are searching for a relationship exactly like you.
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Fri Mar 05 2021, 02:25am
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Great! Thank you for giving us helpful insight into creating a safe and productive place to voice opinions and share with one another. -Kevin solar panel companies
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Thu Apr 01 2021, 02:03am
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I am from Killeen and new to this forum. There's a lot of interesting topics to talk about. it's my pleasure to interact with other members.
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Thu Apr 15 2021, 07:13am
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: Jackson Smith
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Thu Jun 03 2021, 01:35pm
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We will follow this forum rules to avoid some punishment from the admin or moderators.

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