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Education in Different Universities & Countries
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Wed Feb 07 2007, 03:32pm Print
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(Etipuf and I was talking about the undergrad education system in schools in different countries through PM. Few of those words may come for open discussion so that everyone may participate.)
This thread is for talking on the undergrad and post grad education systems in different schools and in different countries.

etipuf wrote ...

the education system in Turkey is very stupid.
how do you get into universities in bangladesh? we just take a test and get in based on our rankings. do universities have seperate exams or one single exam? do you get to submit portfolios and motivation letters etc? nowadays im very interested in education systems of foreign countries because im sick of the one here.
In Bangladesh also the education system is a damn hell thing . And it's often changing in year after year....
Here each university holds their own separate admission tests. A central single test system is here only for medical colleges.

Here Govt. and private universities have some significant differences in admission procedures, education quality and expense.
Cost of Under graduate or graduate level education in Govt. universities are very low... often it's almost zero. But private universities takes a lot of money. Most of the private universities are in the heart of Dhaka city. Often they have no 'significant campus' at all! They rent some spaces in residential or commercial areas of Dhaka and start a university in them.
Although the facilities and the education quality they provide are often very good, sometimes better than old traditional govt. universities.

I'm studding in one of them. It's the School of Architecture, The University of Asia Pacific. We have a small campus inside a residential area of Dhaka. We have around 200 students in the Architecture school. Although it seems to me that the campus is good enough for this number of students. The student VS teacher ratio is the best in our school in Bangladesh.
To me, the education quality is also very good here. We have some of the most renowned architecture teachers of Bangladesh in our school.

But it often becomes tough for my family to bare the cost of my education. Our university takes
40,000 BDT (580 USD) per semester as tuition fees. We have 10 semesters in 5 years, that means it's 5800 $ in total.

See the location of our campus here:
(it's a google earth kmz file, download and double click to fly...)
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Wed Feb 07 2007, 04:52pm
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the area around you university is so crowded, but the rivers must have a good view

the education system here has changed a lot since the republic was founded too. universities had seperate exams back when my father attended college but now we have a central exam system which changes often but the basics stay the same. you choose an area of focus in high school. (i was a science and math student, others are literature and math, social sciences, foreign languages and various trade schools grant degrees in art, electricity etc.) if you dont choose a profession related to your focus your exam scores count as if they were lower. med school, engineering and architecture are science and math, although some art schools grant degrees in landscape architecture and interior design after skill tests on drawing and portfolio. law, economy, business and such are literature and math. social sciences include sociology, cinema, philosophy etc.
what i dont like about this system is that it depends too much on numbers. admissions is based on test scores even for architects and not portfolios and motivation letters, therefore many people end up choosing professions just because they scored just enough for them and their lack of motivation and will reduces the quality of the environment.
i cant say anything bad about my university or campus though. itu is not newly founded in some apartment building, it has been holding some of the best spots in the city since it was founded in 1773. the architecture faculty of istanbul tech is considered the best in turkey by many, is definitely one of the best. we are in a historical building in the cultural and entertainment center of istanbul, and a 20-30 minute walk from my home. many universities in the bigger cities in turkey have strong heritage and high standards, it is the ones in the more neglected regions that are suffering. though most universities have beautiful campuses since the government assigns land for public universities. , and i added the locations of our campuses
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