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Need info 'bout the whole Archi course..
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Wed Oct 04 2006, 03:22pm Print
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: Dhaka
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Can u guyz plz tell me what subs do u take for ur bachalor degree and how many credits?
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Wed Oct 04 2006, 05:31pm
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: chennai
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u mean after bachelor's degree....???
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Wed Oct 04 2006, 06:13pm
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In our university we don’t have much opportunity to select the courses by ourselves. There’s an almost fixed syllabus which is being followed in every semester. We can select one optional subject out of two prescribed. Only this is our freedom to chose our courses and credits per semester. And the reality is most of the time our administration rather selects the one optional course for us!

In the design studios most of the Bangladeshi schools follow the some strategies. Like 1st year 1st sem: Basic 2d composition, understanding shape and forms and platonic solids
1.2: 3d composition of solids including philosophical and physiological inputs in the projects
2.1: understanding the basic ergonomics and functions, dealing with simple functions (like a food shop, weekend house etc.)
2.2: understanding of circulation and hierarchy of functions. (projects like bus terminal, elementary school etc.)
3.1: higher complexity of functions, introduction to the social aspects to the projects, basic structural orders (cultural center, convention center, museum etc.)
3.2: Detail structural aspects, juxtaposition of complex functionalities (highrise office, highrise mixed-use developments)
4.1: Social and cultural aspects, understanding urban scale and urban designing (urban redevelopment of small neighborhood)
4.2: Housing complexes, complexity of urban housing
5.1: Complete understanding of a project upto construction level drawings including all mechanical, electrical etc.
5.2: Thesis

We generally get 18 to 22 credits per semester (two semesters per year). We are to complete 198 credits in total in the 5 years.

If you are interested to go through the detail syllabus of our university I may publish those or give some links.
What about your Tsinghua University?

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Thu Oct 05 2006, 02:22am
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: Dhaka
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Thanks bhiya!! I guess itz all the same.. But ours is a bit different as itz like open credit system... still they've handed us this list of subs at the beginning... but u just mentioned the detail of design studio... what about the others?? I am facing a bit problem of language so searching for some english texts... can u plz tell me which book do you follow or think is good for Static Mechanincs, 3D drawing(also shadow n perspective drawings)?? do you have to study Statistics, Calculus and linear algebra?
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