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Thu Feb 08 2007, 10:02am Print
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: isa town,Kingdom Of BAHRAIN
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hey how u doin here
im a 19 yrs old female student in the University Of Bahrain
Bahrain thats a small island in gulf so im arabic
im happy that i found this site hopefully ur gonna help me when i need u ppl ryt ;$
not now when the semester starts coz e r having our spring vecation here

im a second year student ,guess thats all about ma profetional info's .
i wana c see some wellcomes ova here ppl

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Thu Feb 08 2007, 11:54pm
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: bits N bites
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hey xsweetishx
we are more than happy to get you among us. if you just wtch through the posts ans conversation you will come to know that people here really friendly. Wish soon you will start loving us.
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Fri Feb 09 2007, 11:29pm
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: virtual architecture ..!
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Welcome xsweetishx!
Hope it will be a nice experience for you to be in archsociety.
Which year are you in Bahrain University? How's going your design studio?
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Fri Feb 09 2007, 11:46pm
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: istanbul
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I have a professor here who made a presentation on the ongoing projects in bahrain a few months ago, it was not for class, it was for an audience with a mix of professional designers engineers academics and students. looks like your city is busy. liked the idea of identifying a city with pearls.
the project which seemed most interesting is the one where they are filling the sea to provide more land and even providing slopes, they are making artificial hills and all for architectural variety. the overall project resembles ijburg from netherlands but there were some points that were discussed later, especially on the feasibility of the project that made it especially interesting.
i forgot the name of the project, it had a pretty cool video commercial/presentation and all. i wanted to learn more about it afterwards but didnt dig in that deep. would love it if you could tell more on how that is going and any other architecture news:)
bahrain is very very active. saw lots of new skyscraper projects for it. im sure youd have lots to tell.
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Sat Feb 10 2007, 02:59am
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: bits N bites
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xsweetishx, You got many interested audiences here. Come back and speak up. Even im watching your thread carefully to learn Bahrain.

I would like to add here that when in my childhood I used to practice philately, I was fascinated by the stamps from Bahrain. Those were always colorful and bright. Till then I started loving this states of emirates. If not making mistake it is so. Isn’t it ?
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