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Crime and Punishment (Thesis help plz...)
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Tue Feb 27 2007, 10:09am Print
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Assalam alaikum friends,
I am doing thesis this year and is intersedted in the topic of " Crime and Punishment" ,and more precisely Prison Architecture .
I have read different policies  reslting in different type of punishment form i.e retribution,deterrance and reformation etc and the way these policies effect the architecture of prison throughout history.
I have also looked in to the behaviour of prisoners and psychological effects of the prison and space in general as well.
i would like your comments and suggestions on thefurther dimensions of this topic that can be explored.
waiting for your replies.
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Tue Feb 27 2007, 10:32am
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Interesting topic.
In our school I never heard anyone is doing anything on prison architecture. But I was often thinking of it.

Designing prison is tough in a sense that the concept of 'prison' itself goes against the general philosophical considerations of architecture. Such as we usually appreciate transparency, openness, plenty of natural light in architecture. It's a bit contradictory when we go for designing 'prison' for criminals.

Many people may say that prisons should have the capability to give 'punishment'. Yes, it's true. But giving punishment is to providing the opposite thing to the criminals in my opinion
Those who are real criminals, we can say they are disturbed by the general social and political phenomena. They are kind of mentally and psychophysically 'sick'. So if we provide them with an environment which is full of light and fabulous open spaces and greens I think that will be the ultimate punishment in their mental status.

Architect should try to design very positive and peaceful environment which will give them a mental revitalization, true realization of their crime and what they are actually.
I think that may their punishment and a possibility of rehabilitation.

Of course we should confirm the security and discipline as well.

Wish you best of luck
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Tue Feb 27 2007, 01:22pm
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Thank you NEO for your reply and opinion.

I some what agree with your point that prison should provide an environment that enable criminals to rehabilitate.

But then it also depend on What do those responsible for prison policies believe is the reason for putting people in prison?
Is it for deterrence, retribution, retraining and correction, or for the protection of the public?What does society thinks is the function of prisons?
 Can prison do more than merely discharge a prisoner no worse than he came in?
And most importantly How can personality can be kept intact, decade after decade?

I would appreciate your take on above.

Also i am searching stuff on psychology of prisoners or psychological effects of prison and would appreciate any help from all of you.
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Thu Mar 01 2007, 11:23pm
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i think there is segments in prisons. and thats what most important. those who are there for minor charge are belong to one segment, and those of serious and repetitive crime are another segment.

but after all the building should be aimed to rehabilitate people.

there should be some place and events as well to increase humanity in them. please let us know what you have designed to achieve your target in this designing mission.

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Sun Apr 24 2022, 06:12am
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Great site i love it keep posting more!
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Tue Apr 26 2022, 01:38pm
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thank you for this! really appreciate you doing this deck builders
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