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Tue Jun 12 2007, 04:58pm Print
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hey, do you know the rule of designing an auditorium???
about the stage height, the distance of audience and calculation of the slope..
i saw it some where but forgot...
can you please help me???

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Tue Jun 12 2007, 08:38pm
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Open our so-called Time Saver Standards cultural section, there you'll get all the information.
Although there are some general rules like:
> The typical arrangement of sitting will be 7+14+7 seats per row. And aisles will be there between the rows.
> Aisles width starts from 3'4" at the stage end then it gradually increase up to the back end.
> Maximum depth (length) of the seating arrangement will be 80' (70' is preferable)
> Maximum viewing angle 30 degree.

To be precise; all these data are general thumb-rules don't take as reference or standard for your particular purpose. Go through Time Saver that's the best way... oh don't forget to share what you learn from there
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Wed Jun 13 2007, 02:34am
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i think managing the sound, echo and the lights and shade will be the next issues to be taken care of.

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Thu Jun 14 2007, 05:28am
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i just found in the time saver.. somewhere around 420 anyway.. can u suggest what type of roof it could be? the structure? i know a bit about rib beam, but don't know it clearly...


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Thu Jun 14 2007, 05:43pm
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Try these links:
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Tue Jun 19 2007, 06:09pm
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I hope, you will have some ideas from these posts.[though, these are not that good examples]
2F1176246926 12 FT790 Kkm F

click here

check out this too

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