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Need help for my thesis project....
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Tue Jul 17 2007, 02:38am Print
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uhm,,to start with, my thesis proposal is something to do with a prototype stalls..the location of my proposal is situated on a whole stretch of a street,wherein it's 5 meters wide and have a 1 mtr. sidewalk on each sides and bounded by residential units..such a stalls should be collapsible,because during night time, the whole stretch of the street is passable to vehicles.then my project is something to do also with natural ventilation.something about the venturi effects..the roof which i will do on the whole stretch will be retractable,something with technology eh..then during night, the collapsible stalls should not be a hindrance to the nearby houses..but to add more,even if its passable to vehicles,the place should be quite beautiful to walk in,like a plaza having a light posts and benches..its something now to do with pedestrianization..i can make the whole street close to vehicles because theres an alternate way for them to go,but the problems are the parking place of the vehicles residing on the houses bounding the should i do it??thanks for any help that will hoping for a response..thanks. Edited Tue Jul 17 2007, 11:54am
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Wed Jul 25 2007, 02:14am
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hey could u please elaborate on climatic aspects of ur thesis site?
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Wed Jul 25 2007, 04:01am
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Look at this link: shelter in a cart - designboom. Its not quite merchant stalls, but the images might help you.
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