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Tue Jan 01 2008, 07:56pm Print
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hi, this is ainnie , ive chosen hotel design as my thesis topic cn any of u guide me to select the appropriate research question about this topic or some thing new or unique in this regard
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Tue Jan 01 2008, 08:47pm
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Well, I had an idea regarding hotel designing.
Go to the history. How hotels or ranch-inns were started firstly? It started when people started inter-province business.
Think of the future of the business strategies in the world and tourism. The business nowadays is becoming more global, more through online transactions. And this will be increasing day by day. So I assume business people will move less than now in future.

People will travel for tourism. So (I assume) in near future there will be a need of more entertainment tourist hotels than business hotels.
Studio apartments may also become a big hit soon. Nowadays often businessmen or service people are thinking of having small apartments in many cities in the world. And its becoming a growing practice.

So, this may become a research topic regarding hotel:
"The future hotels". What it can be? What will be the major hotel type? Business hotels or tourists hotels or luxury suits or studio apartments?
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Wed Jan 02 2008, 01:01pm
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[AINNIE mistakenly posted this reply as a new thread. The admin deleted that thread and copied the post here as a reply]
thanks for your guidence . actually i ve collected some ideas about my thesis topic such as
nature and technology
form and geometry
impact of building on human behaviouar
functionality and aesthetics
green spaces
and many more ideas like these and hotel as building type is strongly appealing me . so please suggest me the research question with respect to these topics and also give me idea about complexity of this project whether this is a complicated project or not . and please tell me various type s of hotel as 5 star hotel , resorts , guest houses or so . thanks for your cooperation
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Wed Jan 02 2008, 09:25pm
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You should always avoid any topic which is not specific, which comprises a broader aspect. Such as: 'nature & technology' 'form & geometry' 'functionality & aesthetics' these topics are something which have nothing to research on. Dealing with these things are very obvious for any project. And which actually doesn't signifies 'your thoughts' at all.

A research topic should be more specific, more detailed , and it should be something which really will come to help for the purpose.

Sustainability is a burning contemporary issue in architecture. And often hotel buildings are the most awful in this regard. Large hotel buildings are one of the biggest consumer of our valuable electricity for their air conditioning and other services. You may also think of a hotel which will consume less power, which will be built through a sustainable development. Specify your site, and think of the climate, you may ensure temperature and ventilation control through your design without using any mechanical equipment like AC. You may think of different energy source. At the end the building will not be a burden on the environment, rather it will be sustainable.

Anyway, hotel is a complex project. It deals with a lot of services and facilities. You have design a fully separate circulation path for all the services or the back-house of the hotel. Like it will require different type of stores, loading unloading docks, laundry, garbage disposal unit, house keepers office, admin office, training office, kitchens, employee dressing room and cafeteria etc etc. You go through the whole chapter of hotel in the Time Saver Standard for Building Types. It will explore new ideas and practical issues about hotels to you.

Now think and specify your site firstly. Only then you can think of the purpose and the type of your hotel.
At the end you have to design a hotel isn't it? Or it is just a research?
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