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Concept of "Bengal Cultural Center"
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Sun Jan 27 2008, 02:44pm Print
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: Dhaka
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I need a nice concept for my studio design of "Bengal Cultural Center". I like the concept of Charles Correa's Jahwarlal Kala Kendra.
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Tue Jan 29 2008, 07:31am
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: Dhaka
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The concept is a very personal thing- it has to come from the designer himself. Maybe you should look at more projects and try to understand what your project demands. Look into more books and other cultural centers across the globe but try not to be too influenced by them. Your concept has to be related to your site, your program and what you as the designer want to do with it. Edited Tue Jan 29 2008, 07:37am
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Tue Jan 29 2008, 07:36am
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: Dhaka
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If you think of culture as a non-materialistic notion then it could be thought beyond the physical 'symbols' of culture. The typical things to symbolize Bengali Culture are so-called brick, court-yards, informal entries etc.

But I appreciate thinking beyond all these physical things. You can think something which enhance our cultural activities. Yes, its the 'activities' which you can design. It may be targeted to some activities of our events. Your design may support to inspire or host those activities, that may be your concept.

Such as few activities of Poila Boishakh, Pitha Utsav, Nobanno etc.
One unique activity make Bengal people unique. That is Adda. No other nation in the earth passes time and enjoy just out of talking for no reason. And this is a real sweet part of Bengali cultural activities.
You may focus on something like this. Your design and spaces will help to arrange or host these activities.

The architecture may be anything, any type of ... made of anything... but it will show its cultural integrity through the designed activities of the users.
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Sat Feb 02 2008, 03:39pm
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: Dhaka
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i decided to reflect our cultural categories into the form of my design. I have choose different categories.
1. art: painting, sculputure, potter, terracota
2. music
3. Literature, drama, jatra.
5. festivals.
But is this only in bangladesh? I think all countrys have these categories. So I think its not a good concept. As example I will make the administrative section like literature. That will formal. Auditoriam section like music, that will dynamic. I think it would good if I choose only one category and show its differents sections. Like if I choose music, I will show different kinds of bangladeshi music like vawali, murshidi , jari etc. But will it be look like only for musical cultural center?
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ritu bhardwaj
Sat Feb 02 2008, 05:30pm
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: jaipur
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hey from the city of jawahar kala kendra i.e. jaipur ..its a real nice structure but then being a visitor to that place the connectivity between the different blocks is not appropriate as per i can observe...people get to travel a long way to reach to the other side of the structure and that becomes a bit frustatatin' the basic purpose of designin'..comfort disturbs here...but ya the else then this the buildin' is really well built n u can really get inspired from it...i'll suggest to once take a look at BHARAT BHAWAN @ BHOPAL even ...even thats nice example of a well built cultural centre ...i had been there recently and it was a great experiance... do have a look at gud luck!! hve fun!!
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Sun Aug 30 2009, 03:11pm
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: addis ababa
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hey Himel your project on cultural center that was 3 years ago haw was it
i need your hel now i am working same title even though we have different cultural context
isn't that true culture is transmmited
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