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need help to understand the essence of "School of Drama"
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Fri Oct 31 2008, 07:28pm Print
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: dhaka
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i'm a fifth year student of UAP(university of asia pacific).my project of this semester is "School of Drama".at the begining of this studio we r asked to submit an essay rearding our understanding about the essence of the project...that is the core value....and a concept derived from which i'm really weak...sad.pngi usually start working with my projects considering climatic issues and this time i'm really in a big trouble and badly need HELPPPPPPPPPPPP..................cry.png
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Sat Nov 01 2008, 03:47pm
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Umm interesting project!
Start thinking from the ‘zero’, as if you never know what ‘drama’ is and what is a ‘school’. Try to point out some important ‘key words’ which may help you to contribute in your process of making architecture. Try finding out some issues which will fuel up your passion for doing the project. Lets try…

So its about a ‘collaborative art’. Drama is somewhat one of the most versatile forms of art. It comprises a lot of brain stimulating activities together. It starts from the ‘literature’ the ‘story or idea’ then it is converted to some written scenes including the characters, environment and the dialogues. Then the issue of portraying the characters which is done by acting, reciting, singing and even dancing. Making the stage sets and the costumes are also a big part of the process. At the end it incorporates some technologies as well, like the lighting, sound, projection etc and of course the audience.
So drama is a result of successful collaboration of a multidisciplinary teamwork.
Now think how the training and education of drama may take place, which will be called the ‘drama school’. It not just about a ‘training of acting’, it includes music, history, sociology, literature, language, philosophy, human psychology and other theories and that makes it an ‘education’ process not only trainings. The school should help the students to think beyond the norms, it should help in brainstorming and generating new ideas of staging drama. That’s how a school completes its duties of ‘training’ and ‘education’ both. And obviously the school will also train them about all the technical issues of staging a drama.
Do some case studies. Then seat with all these data and understandings together. And look for the clues, the key-words the ideas, the necessities…. And try to figure out the architecture.. how it can be! From there the so called ‘concept’ may arrive!

Lets try it.. ‘Drama is a collaborative multidisciplinary teamwork’, ‘It requires practice, dialogues, gatherings, rendezvous and versatile knowledge and inspirations.’
So the school may be a spatial composition of spaces which will inspire the students to collaborate, to talk, to speak loud, to share and shout here n there.. to show what they learned…
If you head towards the architecture, there may be an open-air stage which is visible from every corner of the complex that may be the core essence of the project. There should be the environment of practice freely… the architecture should give the sense of ‘working together’… may give the chance to practice down the stair, at the corner of a corridor… the whole building will be ‘a set of a big drama’.

Think. I’m sure you’ll find out better ideas, better issues to work on. Best of luck.
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Sat Nov 01 2008, 05:13pm
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: dhaka
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thanx neo....i'll keep updating the project's development....
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Mon Nov 17 2008, 11:15am
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how your projects going anika? we are keeping an eye to read next updates and images of your project.
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