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Any help is appreciated, Thesis: regarding floods in Bangladesh and its effects on architecture
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I am a bangladeshi national, born and raised in bangladesh.studying as an architecture student in england has drawn me towards my motherland in this paticular time of studies. I am to write a thesis investigation on a topic relating to Architecture - So i thought what would be more interesting than to research into my own country and its architecture.

I dont really remember much about flooding in bangladesh as a young child, apart from things which I was told by my elders, but it was most probably because I lived in a village which was in the high-lands which made me less aware of flooding, but memories have stayed fresh in my mind when on two occasions upon visiting Bangladesh on my holidays. The house me and my family were staying in was flooded for the majority of time on our stay. I remember We had to swim from the main entrance to the main road, as we were staying in the first floor it was not too bad compared to what was happening around us in all directions. I clearly  remember it was the monsoon seasons, floods came and went taking with it peoples homes and livelihood and I remember looking down out of the window feeling sad and sorry for them, I felt helpless because in reality at the time I could not do anything.

These memories have stayed fresh in my mind ever since and I am very lucky to have this opportunity to investigate flooding and its effects on Bangladesh so one day maybe as an Architect I could do something to contribute to my country. This is why I am concentrating my investigation on flooding and how it destroys peoples homes by constant scenes of flooding. By writing this thesis investigation I wish to improve my knowledge as a Bangladeshi living in the UK and also hopefully to build awareness by opening the eyes of other people. The title for my thesis investigation is as follows -   ''Will Buildings in flood prone areas of Bangladesh ever rise above the natural disasters which have been affecting the country for many years? or will severe flooding conitions continue to destroy the livelihood of the Bangladeshi people?''  
I would be very greatfull if you guys can share your knowledge with me so that I do not miss out on any vital information which may better my knowledge and make me and others aware of the circumstances which result from flooding in Bangladesh. if anyone can point me out to any books or websites which i might have missed,  would be very helpfull   Thank you,   Zillul Edited Tue Feb 09 2010, 11:55pm
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