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Thu Mar 06 2008, 06:56am Print
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hello.this is annie zaidi, student of final year architecture..i am doing my thesis on "street children". i want to design a space that caters for their shelter and needs. and also develop and enhance their potentials , i want some more ideas on the way i can explore the topic. rite now i have just started on with the topic..
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Fri Mar 07 2008, 03:50pm
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Nice enthusiast topic for thesis.
Few confusions or debates are there regarding this issue.. first of all why don't we go to the root of the problem of remaining children in the urban streets? Why street children exist? Isn't it a problem in the policy making of the country? Isn't it a failure of the city which hosts all these street children? Can't we heal those roots of the problem first rather 'institutionalize or taking the problem granted as it is there?
However that's a long discussion and a matter to debate.

But its true, as our government and the city is not doing anything for this problem, we architects can come up with some sustainable solutions to solve this problem a bit.

If you are thinking seriously for taking it as your thesis then you have to come up with ideas 'socially' not 'architecturally'. Social thoughts will generate architectural ideas to support street children.

How it may be possible? First of all find out the reasons why street-children are in street?
- They are poor.
- Either they are orphans or their parents are separated or their parents are too poor to serve them.
- They are in search of a better income source in the city.
(Its a matter of serious research! you need to go through )
If this is the scenario, then a sustainable solution may be like this:
You may think of some schools which will not be like other typical schools. These schools will
- teach them to survive in the city. the schools may teach them some light skills to earn their livelihood.
- senior students will teach the junior students accordingly to reduce the necessity of the number of teachers.
- The school may teach them to make handicrafts. Those may be sold in market for economic sustainability of the project.
- A portion of the earning of the each students may be collected through a cooperative society system and may saved for their future or further investments which may help them more.
- Later these schools may host their shelter as well.

Think think think... there are lots of other possibilities! Keep sharing your thoughts....
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Thu Mar 20 2008, 11:24am
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hello NEO..thanks for server had some problems,was unable to use internet.anyways..firstly let me tell u. that i am targeting the children, who live on streets eat on strret and work by whatever means on street too..there whole life circulates on that street..i joined an ngo.and these days getiin to know these children closely..its worse and opposite in reality....most of the children are runaways.they dont want to go back home to theri families though they hav one..they are involved in sexuall abusing.and drugs..its gettin terrible as i m gettin closer to them..but thats ma look into this social issue.and then give ascoial cum architectural solution to it..... i was also thnking to design the space in way that along with catering these children..the space also proves itself to be an interactive space where they can interact with normal people too. get to knw the life through their eyes.. and den also a space that compliment the street or the urban fabric of which these children are an esssential part... lookin more to hear from you thanks bye


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roaring edge
Fri Mar 21 2008, 02:45pm
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hi,this is a nice topic to touch but need to hav thorough study of wht is actually to build for. wht this people actually in need frm our society. they arnt lokin for shelter & not of the education. there are many cause for the people to b on street.
see we are not samaj sudharak but we can giv wht this society cant.
a program shd b decided to wht r u lookin for. rehabilating this people frm bad habits, to hlp this ppl to self sustain on there own or to participate this ppl in social activities.
u cn look fr the centre who cater this activity and equal public participation is needed.
chal nyway do write wht u think out of this and wil try to discuss abt it. bye


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Mon Mar 24 2008, 10:27pm
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street children are in need of special education [as NEO said] for that, special kind of school [plus home] may be considered, where those children would be able to live and simultaneously educate themselves.
sustainability of the project is important. for that alongside the help of NGO/individual the project must be able to contribute to itself by many way of means [eg: handicrafts, technical service wing _ automobile, electronics/mobile, electrical etc.] & a important field should be kept in mind "the Internet"; as it is the Ocean of knowledge and there is many example of earning money through the Internet[eg: keeping blog and earning by generating revenue from ads].
yes there are many possibilities to explore. but the main intention should be "to help the children building their life/carrier, not just patronize them for some time".

good luck to you for the project. hope you can work the best things out in the design.

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