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ideas for a world tour with architectural theme
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Mon Feb 14 2011, 03:36pm Print
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hey there, after a long time
i just thought i should get ideas from archsociety
im applying for a contest where you can apply with max 3 themes and related routes. the award for the single route that wins is to realize that tour. the stops can be anywhere in the world. applicants have to be 20-25 year old architecture students/architects from turkish universities. the theme should be about architecture, quality of physical environment and real estate, the route can go anywhere in the world, taking into consideration that they expect you to visit exactly 10 cities in 30 days, no more, no less.
the deadline is tomorrow and i havent done anything yet, and the discussion here wont be quick enough to help but i think its an interesting topic to discuss:) what route would you like to cover to investigate architectural quality?
the two routes i have in mind are 1-urban renewal sites(with consideration of the critically insane situation in turkey) 2-sustainable development
for the second theme my concern is to see if -anywhere- what is advertised as green actually imposes a sustainable lifestyle- because often, sustainability is just high tech high eye candy that helps firms advertise their skyscrapers. for this i would like to visit cities with smaller footprints and less emissions, and these are mostly old cities with sustainable traditional lifestyles. other stops will be emerging sustainable design sites.
i know that although developing otherwise, bangladesh produces little waste in proportion to the population it accommodates.
any suggestions for stops in bangladesh or anywhere in the world? or any other kinds of routes youd like to discuss?
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Wed Feb 16 2011, 10:56am
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Wow! This is a nice competition!
Oh yes, as you assumed, ArchSociety forum is nowadays pretty late to charge up :-s So your deadline is already gone, I guess.

Bangladesh and India should definitely be on your list. Why?
Bangladesh: Bangladesh hosts the both, traditional wisdom centered naturally sustainable life-style and also insanely fast growing critically saturated contemporary cities. Bangladesh would give you the both end picture. However, the typical 'green as a branding term' style is not popular yet.
In addition you'd get a chance to visit the National Parliament Building of Dhaka, the famous Louis Kahn masterpiece.
From Bangladesh I suggest you to name two cities:
Dhaka: The dense fast growing critical urban condition. Hosting an old and new part of the town, good examples of contemporary and historic architecture.
Rajshahi and it's surrounding rural areas: A newly growing city along with vernacular surroundings and several heritage places including a World Heritage Site of the ruins of the largest Buddhist monastery.

My suggestions are: Kolkata, Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

I have already mentioned 7 cities! Now around your place I would love to include Athens, Barcelona and Berlin.

That's the 10
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Sat Mar 23 2019, 08:30pm
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Sun Apr 24 2022, 07:57am
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awesome post i love it keep posting more!
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Tue Apr 26 2022, 01:33pm
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thank you for this! really appreciate you doing this
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