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Sun Oct 29 2006, 09:40pm Print
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: gulshan, dhaka
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hello everyarchibody,

this is fusion, studying in final year in architecture. i found the address from one of my classmate which i am looking for actually. I am not that much experienced on this kind of site.
Everybody is shering there opinion i appreciate it very much.
actually we need this type of website for our own where we can communicate amoung us. This is an effective website in bangladesh on architecture community. In this site i found both proffesional and students are participating which is very good approach. I wish it would be more informative in near future.

i am glad to be one of the member and part of the who le architecture community through this site and i wish its success.
............ fusion
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Tue Oct 31 2006, 02:47pm
Admin Registered Member #4 Joined: Thu Aug 04 2005, 04:54am
: Dhaka
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Good post. Welcome Fusion to the community.
Hope your smooth participation...
Very nice avatar! Edited Tue Oct 31 2006, 07:11pm
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Ahmed Baig
Wed Nov 01 2006, 05:30pm
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: Multan
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well diz is ahmed baig,,i am in 2nd year of architectural engineering ,,i am doing from university college of engineering and technology multan,pakistan,,,,its real;ly good to hv such kinda website,,we really need it to share our problems n to colloect knowledge n experiance of others that would might help us in d future
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Wed Nov 01 2006, 06:02pm
Registered Member #308 Joined: Wed Nov 01 2006, 05:41pm
: Karachi
Posts: 1 name's Sana n i'm frm Karachi,Pakistan and am currently enrolled in 3rd yr architecture at the University of Karachi... i'm pretty excited at joinin this community...lets see how everythin goes on... n thnx for lettin me knw abt it Neo
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Wed Nov 01 2006, 09:53pm
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: virtual architecture ..!
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Hey Ahmed Baig and Sana Shahid thanks for you posts. But shouldn't you start a new thread in the 'Introduce Yourself' forum other than posting inside the thread of Fusion?
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Thu Nov 02 2006, 07:55am
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: bits N bites
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welcome you all.
hope you all find this place a real fun. its very easy to grow up a good community brothers, just adopt the habit of writing. reply to all. and dont think much before you reply. wahtever comes in mind share it up. and few words from many you have said willl touch other's heart. thus we grow. thank you all. wish soon you willl get more welcome messages from many other members. keep talking about you, your pain and joy, your campus. nay thing that touch you will touch us.
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