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information about bangladesh national museum
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Sun Jun 10 2007, 05:26pm Print
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: Dhaka
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i need information about bangladesh national museum.mainly i need plans,sections,elevations.can any one help me for this is urgent!!!
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Mon Jun 11 2007, 09:17am
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: Dhaka
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TB 0223
Get some texts about this museum HERE.
But don't know whether the plans and other drawings of the building are available in the internet or not...
Anyway, there some booklets in the museum library where you'll get the plans of the building. Take a visit there and try collecting them, although those drawings are not very well drawn or authentic as far I've seen.
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Mon Jun 11 2007, 05:14pm
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: Dhaka
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thanx[thanks] vaiya.i will take a look.
if u[you] get any kind of information about the auditorium and library of the museum plz[please] post it.



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Mon Jun 11 2007, 11:25pm
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i went to the museum several times
its a NATIONAL PRIORITY building
so i dont think you would find architectural drawings....
.....i tried once ... years ago... failed!

the authority will only give you a layout plan
....showing which floor containing what
..and you even have to ask for it
you might have the catalog only if you are lucky enough......

last month i went there again
looked for the catalog.......
guess what
it was outprinted
the admin area had no officials
...... 06 guards only

life is beautiful ...i guess
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Wed Jun 13 2007, 01:57am
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: bits N bites
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i think thats a bad news for moutushi,
but don't loose your heart. some times girls are good manger than a boy. people tries to help out a girl, with extra care. (not always)
take your own chance to communicate the authority, moutushi. wish you best luck on your search.

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Sat Jun 16 2007, 07:00pm
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: Dhaka
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well....hope for the best.
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