Wednesday 20 June 2007

PERM MUSEUM XXI : Design Competition

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The Centre of Contemporary Architecture in Russia announces a two-stage open
architecture competition (with international participation) for the most innovative
architectural concept for a museum centre in the city of Perm in the Russian Federation

Prize fund for the competition: $300,000
1st prize: $100,000
2nd prize: $70,000
3rd prize: $50,000
Awards: 8 special prizes of $10,000 each

The PermMuseumXXI museum centre is a new building for Perm Art Gallery. This will
be the first museum in Russia built to meet the needs of the 21st century. The building
should be an outstanding work of contemporary architecture and Russia's most modern
art museum.
Perm Region is one of Russia's most powerful and ambitious regions. It occupies an
extensive territory between Europe and Asia on the boundary between the Ural
Mountains and the steppe lands. The city of Perm is the eastern frontier post of
European Russia. One of its cultural highlights is Perm State Art Gallery, which in 2007
celebrates its 85th anniversary.
This is the first attempt to design a Russian museum in accordance with 21st-century
ideology and technology as a building capable of shaping the city in which it stands. The
new museum should serve as an urban brand, a calling card for the city and its region
– in the manner of Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Steven Holl's Kiasma in
Helsinki, Peter Cook's Kunsthaus Graz, and Zaha Hadid's MXXI in Cincinnati.
The collection of the Perm Art Gallery comprises 47,000 exhibits including a wide range
of Russian and European art from the 15th century to the present day (paintings, graphic
art, sculptures, applied art, coins), as well as ancient ceramics, Ancient-Egyptian art,
Tibetan bronze, and applied art from Japan, India, and China. In addition to paintings by
well-known Russian artists, there are masterpieces by painters of the Italian, Dutch, and
French schools from the 15th to 18th centuries. The pride of the collection is Russian
wooden religious sculpture from the 18th to early 20th centuries – amazing monuments
that stand on the border between sculpture and painting and between Christianity and
paganism. No other museum in the world has anything like it!

The museum concept by Dieter Bogner / Austria / in collaboration with Perm Art Gallery

Arata Isozaki / architect / Japan
Alexandr Kudriavzev / President of the Russian Architecture Academy / Russia
Ben van Berkel / architect / Netherlands
Mikail Piotrovski / Director of the State Hermitage museum / Russia
Mikhail Shvydkoy / Head Manager of the Federal Agency of Culture and Cinematography / Russia
Peter Noever / Creative MAK Director / Austria
Peter Zumthor / architect / Switzerland
Oleg Ochepkov / Culture Minister of Perm region / Russia
Sergey Shamarin / Chairman of the Union of Architects in Perm / Russia
Yurii Gnedovskyi /President of the Union of Russian Architects / Russia

Open portfolio competition for the right to take part in the second round. Portfolio of potential participant (authors' team, project organization) should be submitted by post or by e-mail until July 10, 2007. 25 architects to take part in the competition will be selected by the submitted materials.

Anonymous competition between 25 selected participants.
Participating in the second round will be confirmed after July 15, 2007.
Competition brief and Requirements, as well as all the necessary materials for competition projecting will be provided before August 10, 2007.
The deadline for submitting competition project is November 10, 2007.
The final Jury meeting will take place on December 6, 2007

Portfolio should contain standard information about professional activity and illustrated list of the main realized projects. It should include images of your completed work or graphics, JPG or PDF only.
CV and contacts no more than one page, PDF only.

By e-mail: portfolio.perm©
CD or DVD by post: Centre of Contemporary Architecture in Russia / CCA
24 Bolshaya Dmitrovka. Moscow. Russia. 107 031

Licensed architects or authors' teams, project organizations. Students are not eligible for this competition.

Competition is patronized by the Federal Agency of Culture and Cinematography in Russia

Competition client Perm region administration

Competition organizer Centre of Contemporary Architecture in Russia

In collaboration with Union of Russian Architects and Moscow Union of Architects

Monday 07 May 2007

World Habitat Award 2007

on Monday 07 May 2007 - 13:11:50 | by admin
BSHF of United NationThe World Habitat Award is an initiative by the Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF) of United Nations.
The World Habitat Awards were established in 1985 by the Building and Social Housing Foundation as part of its contribution to the United Nations International Year of Shelter for the Homeless worldwide.
Any individual, team or organization can participate in the award program from any part of the world. Participants can submit more than one project at a time. And can resubmit their upgraded design in the next session of award.

The intension of this program is to derive some innovative, practical and sustainable design solutions for the homeless people. The design should comprise with the quality of practical implementation in a particular community or may be a prototypical idea which may be used anywhere.

An award of £10,000 is presented to the winners at the annual United Nations global celebration of World Habitat Day every year.

award winner 16th World Habitat Award World Habitate Award entry 2007 winner 17th World Habitat Award winner 10th World Habitat Award

ArchSociety members are encouraged to participate in this prestigious program with innovative design solutions. People who are interested in housing design or who are already working on it may easily go for this award competition.
This will also bring an opportunity to everyone to work for the poor homeless or slum-dweller people of our communities. If anyone has already any previously done design solution which goes with the requirements can easily submit after some modification according the rules of BSHF.
ArchSociety will perform as an ultimate helping assistant for any participants providing with helpful discussions, information and architectural resources.

The competition will be held in two phases. In the first phase:
Submissions will require only a concise summary of all aspects of the project. From these initial submissions, 12 entries will be selected by an Assessment Committee to go forward to Stage II of the competition.
Stage 1 submission can be done online (click HERE to apply online) or may be used an application form (click HERE to download) and by sending by post, fax or email.

The deadline of the First Phase submission is 1st June 2007.

All detail information and online registration regarding this award is available BSHF official website for Habitat Award 2007.

Wednesday 04 April 2007

'Architecture + Religion' Exhibition at Goethe Institut

on Wednesday 04 April 2007 - 16:20:37 | by admin
Architecture + Religion, Goethe Institue, DhakaUPDATE:
The exhibition will remain open on Saturday April 7, 4:30 to 8pm.
An exhibition and a series of lectures and film show is going on in the Goethe Institute, Dhaka on Architecture+Religion.
ArchSociety apologizes for not to publish the program schedule in time. But tomorrow's sun is still to rise so, people who still didn't appear in Goethe by these time, fix a schedule for tomorrow (5th April, 2007).
Here's tomorrow's program at Goethe:

1700 hrs: Ancient and Medieval Temples in Bangladesh, Dr. Niru Shamsun Nahar, National Museum of Bangladesh, Dhaka
1800 hrs: Films on Architecture & Religion in Bangladesh introduced by the film director, Enamul Karim Nirjhar, himself: "The Architect" (46 min) and "Once upon a time" (24 min)
Where: Goethe-Institut Dhaka
House 10. Road 9 (new),Dhanmondi R/A,Dhaka 120500
G.P.O. Box 903, Tel: (+880) 2 – 9126525, 9126526
Dr. Abu Sayeed M. Ahmed presented a lecture on the ancient mosque architecture of Bengal, and the exhibition was open as well.

Shakhari Bazzar: A Fusion of the Atemporal and Temporal Space, Taimur Islam, Urban Study Group USG, Dhaka
The Armenian Church, Brother Martin, Armenian Church, Dhaka
Films on the history of Architecture & Religion in Germany III: Stone Age- The Eternal Construction Site of Cologne Cathedral by Christof Boy, Germany 1998 with an introduction by Sina Brod,

In the larger part of architectural history religion was the main patron of architecture. Most often when we talk about architecture in history we are to reffer to the religious structures. In this way the contribution of religious necessity and philosophies in architecture is always undenyable even in the contemporary architecture. On going programs in Goethe gives a light to these points.
Everyone is invited to join in this event.

Architecture + Religion Goethe Institut Lectures
During the lecture of Dr. Abu Sayeed M. Ahmed

Goethe Institute Exhibition Architecture + Religion
The Exhibition: Architecture + Religion

(Photo courtecy: Goethe Instut, Dhaka)

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